Sunday, February 27, 2011

dont pay the ransome! I have escaped!

I know it been almost 2 months since my last post but stinkin' life got into my way.

First thing that happen was a dead battery. During the snow storm right after xmas, I was kinda house bound and didnt run the car. the day I can go back to work I have a dead battery. Nephew and beloved monkey boy came to my rescue. Nephew bought the new battery and BMB and I changed it out. I printed out the instuction off the net and it wasnt that hard to do. As we were changing out the battery I discovered that I had a bad tire! Apprently when the car manufacturer tell you fill your tires according to the sticker on the door and not the tire they mean it! I was putting way to much air in them and ruined one of them. since they are fancy smancy low profile, it cost me big time.
The day I plan on doing a post about the battery and tire, a water pipe busted in my house. It was a mess, took almost 4 weeks for my house to get back in order. Good news is, I got new carpet! I chose a med to light gray. As you know gray is a hot neutral! I am please with my choice of color.
During the restoration, Abby the wonder dog found not one but 2 rats! She caught one in the house and right outside the door. grrrrrr. as we were packing up the house, she found a couple of dead country field mice near the fireplace. You figure that with all the ferral cats in my hood we would have the rodent problems!

The Mid Atlantic quilt festival was this weekend and I went 2 days out of the 4. we had a little bit of an controversy at this show. Apprently a few quilters were offended bu a wall quilt. Made the local news and went viral on the internet!
I saw this quilt, its not porn, its one of those high end artsy fartsy type of wall hanging. It textile art, I have seen worse. The construction was not the best, although I think it was meant to be that way. I took alot of pictures and posted them on my FaceBook page. here is a link, non facebook people can see them too by following this link.

I didnt buy much, a few fat quarters, a graphite pencil for stenciling machine quilting patterns. There were more vendors this year but alot of the sme ol' stuff. I talked to some of the vendors and they did well. better than last year which is encouraging. many vendors dropped out because of the soft sales. which is a shame, they could have lasted one more year.

I made a cute little side purse to wear and use at the show. I like it so much I will make it out of different fabric for the occasions. I made this out of a jeans leg I had lying around. I put a long strap on it to wear across the body. I got alot of compliments on it.

I met 2 AOL quilting chatroomies! The ladies are a hoot. Its always nice to put faces to the screen names.

me, helen, carol
I also met up with a couple of blogging buddies, Lola and Alice.
Those 2 can pack a mean picnic. They invited me to join them along with Lola's niece. We had bagel samwiches, deli meat kabobs, devil eggs, and smack yo granma delish brownies and pecan bars. We sat there in the lobby and eat til we wanted to bust. We were laughing so hard people were staring....

yummy food!

I do declare Ms Lola, you are lookin' finer than frogs hair!

Ms Alice and Lola's Niece (who name escapes me) lickin' their fingers it was so good!

I will try to be a better blogger!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz