Sunday, October 18, 2009

for those of yall into civil war reproduction things.....


recently I sent out a link to a website to my online quilting buddys that had a pattern for a pin cushion fashioned after a Civil War Reproduction. My friend Ramona made one and it came out very cute! This is the link to the website, just download the fre PDF file:
Ramona said she used fluff to stuff, but you can use those plastic pellets or the ever popular crush walnuts shell availible at your pet supply place. I have a friend who gets the crush walnuts for her son's lizard cage so in a sense...its lizard litter!
Remember those adorable Poochie bags I posted about earlier this month? Wellllllll, Ms Monica has done it again! She designed a itty bitty poochie bag! they are so stinkin' adorable! She uses a moda layer cake slice for hers, but you can also use 5 inch charms!
they come out approx 4 inches, you can fill it with candy and stuff the pockets with a gift card for a present! cute cute cute!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Thursday, October 15, 2009

woohooo! Sparkly Pumpkins are done!

the sparkly pumpkins are finally done! yea!!! they were due Oct 1 but I have been very busy with working a full time job and 2 part time jobs. Things have eased up a little and I got to work on these all day today. great rainy day project! I will get them out to the new owners on Monday. had a blast making these. the pumpkin and crow pattern came out of an old McCalls Quick quilts mag. I zig zagged the edges, use gold glittery tulip paint for sparkle and silk leaves for a 3-D look. Click on picture to see better details. The jack-o pattern is out of the lastest Fons and Porter magazine. I used 2 different size buttons for the eyes. pieces were fused and zig-zagged. I added a ceramic fall color leaf to each style. in my online exchange group of 12 (there are now more in the group, all from the pickle posse) 1/2 wanted fall, other half, included myself wanted halloween. this group is park of the sparkly chicken group from last summer.

I have recieved 5 blocks so far in the exchange, I will post pics when I get more. I had fun making these blocks, great diversion from training on new job and working other jobs inbetween. I wanted to stamp a dingbat on them as well but I couldnt find my stamp or the stamp pad....grrrrr dont you hate that?
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Monday, October 12, 2009

Let the Blogger Quilt Festival begin!

I know I am late! the festival started a few days ago but I be a very busy busy dingbat! This is my latest 'favorite' quilt (sheepish grin). I adore 30's repros. Dont ask me why, but I do. In August my LQS where I sometime work and teach at had a Murder Mystery. It was set in at 30's nipjoint in Chicago. It was a hoot and a blast. We were given clues as how to construct the quilt and had to find out who 'murdered' one of the characters. mine was named Sly Sleeze and I was *wiggling eyebrows*. The name of this Quilt is called Twisted Cables. I dont rember who the designer is but they did a good job. lots of 4 patches, flying geese and elongated snowballs. I entered this quilt into the local county fair for judging. the judges were BLIND! I was robbed, robbed I tell ya! no ribbon but there is always next year! The picture shows 1/4 of the quilt, it is approx 52 by 76. Perfect for this fluffy bat! thanks for dropping by, have fun visiting all the hundreds of talented quilters who happen to blog too! Keep On Stitch'n On! (mauh) Liz

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Fall Festival of Quilts!

hiyall! Amy of Parkcitygal fame is sponsoring another Online Quilt Festival like she did last Spring. Since most Quilters are not gonna be at the huge Houston Quilt Festival this year, this is a great way to see what other quilters are making and designing on their blogs. See that button on the right side of the my blog? just click on it and it will take you to list of Quilters! I have seen a few and it has inspired me to work on my quilts even more! Later today or early tomarrow I will post my latest Quilt. First I have to go pick it up from the local county fair. No ribbon this year, but there is always next year! Keep On Stitchin' On! (mauh) Liz