Tuesday, December 30, 2008

baby love.....my baby love......

remember these fabrics for lily reese's new quilt?

they became this quilt top! its alot more girly girl in person. will do a simple shadow stitch and swirlies for the machine quilting. this quilt is for......
this very special little girl! This is Lily Reese and her first cmas tree. Is she not a Gerber baby if'n ya ever saw one???
Keep On Stitich'n On!
(muah) Liz
P.S. BMB finally went to the Drs. He has severe broncitis! He was well on his way to pneumonia! Drs gave hime a script for a antibiotic and an inhaler, he is on the mend.
Thanks to all who asked about him. His bday was yesterday and it wasnt a very good one for him with his being sick. I will try to cheer him up later in Jan.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hope you had a nice layed back Cmas like I did. First off, both beloved monkey boy and me were sick over the holiday. it was kinda of funny, we had a contest who would cough up the first lung and make the biggest snotrag pile. I am worried about his hacking cough, he refuses to go to the Dr cause all they will do is script a decongestant which he is using already. Told him if he still has it on his bday on monday he really needs to go back to the dr and get a chest xray.
as you can tell, BMB loves his curious george fannel jammie bottoms. when I told him I want to take a couple of pics he got goofy on me. my sizing on him it a tad off. the length was good but the width was way off. he is alot smaller than I think he is. I tryed on the jammies and they fit me well, that should have been a clue......

first pic: old man BMB, second pic: Im a mean little BMB look, third pic: normal BMB

BMB got me a new puter for cmas! There is a place online that refurbishes older puters with new equipment for low prices. Pacificgeek.com had a black friday special and son being a savvy
puter geek himself knew what I needed . There is a flat price and options to upgrade puter parts. He did very well! He also got me a wireless keyboard and mouse! Its hard to believe that he will be 27 on monday. It was just yesterday I was in false labor with him for 4 days.........but we wont go there! We had a nice simple dinner at his place aka Manland. His roomates had left for the day and it was just me and him. After dinner I left to go to my place with BMB not far behind. he brought my new puter over and set it up. I have been downloading soft ware that I need for Digital Camera and microsoft office. I now have winders XP and Im liking it! I also upgraded to AOL 9.1 and what a difference! I have a wifi card and modem. I cant afford cable so Im still on dial up which is not all that bad. just take a little longer. If I can find a broadband source without password protection I would be in like flynn! who knew the hoodies would have passwords!

One of the first things I did Cmas morning was to open my secret santa gift exchange thru KarolinaKwilters group on Yahoo. oooooooooooooo!! what pretty things I got! my partner wont be openning hers til New Years Eve. Its a tradish for her to do that. I will post a pic of what I sent her around the first of the new year. I love doing swaps, its always fun to GIVE and receive.
I have joined the Very Vintage Valentines Swap. I will give ya more details on it later.

My goodies from my secret santa; me in my adorable apron. I love it, fits me well
and I will be using it as a pattern for different aprons!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Friday, December 19, 2008

eat your heart out charlie brown!

this is a pic of my xmas tree, it was a display stand for teacher ornaments at office max where I worked. they usually throw out displays but I asked if I could have it when they were done with it. I took it home right before xmas and decorated it with simple red and white balls. then I added paper clip angels and a gold star. it stays up all year long and I change the ornaments on it from time to time. you cant see them, but I have adorable mittens and stockings that my online quilting buddies have sent me from time to time. I am now looking for a mini glass pickle ornament about 2''. micheals doesnt have them, niether did joanns or kmart. any ideas where I can find one?
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Being sick is just so wrong in so many ways.....


I hate being sick......being sick is for weak people. Ask any of my friends, I am not weak. somehow, some way I got sick. there is a sinus thing going around at my big orange box. one by one associates surcomed to it. interestingly enough, its usually the ones who got their free flu shot. I dont get the flu shot, although my doctor said'' Elizabeth, you are over 50 now (geee doc, thanks for reminding me) and you are highly suseptable at your age. doc? didnt you know I am friggin' fantabulous batbroad????? batgirl all grown up, takes guano from no one! moi? get sick? bahahahahaaaa...I scoff at your words. well hell's bells.....I got hit hard with the sinus crap. I havent been this sick in over 4 years. it started tuesday afternoon, I felt a fever spike up and my ears started to hurt. took come IBs before I went to bed, woke up ok. later that wedsday, my ears started to hurt more and more and I lost my voice, shit! Im thinking, just let me get thru thursday, I have friday off I can heal myself. after work weds, I went to wally world, got some OTC drugs and cough drops and came home. I started to feel really crappy. took come drugs and went to bed. woke up early early thursday am and said.....dammit all to hell! I am sick, couldnt talk, ears were hurting, tonsils were inflamed (yes people, I still have my tonsils! sometime they are mistaken for misplaced gonads...but I still have them!) and I had a headache that would have brought down a elephant. Called out sick. foruntaly for me, I rarely ever call out. when I do, management knows Im sick. after 2 days of meds and hot tea and honey, I am doing much better. I still have no voice, a hint of a headache and I have gone thru 3 rolls of toliet paper blowing my nose off. prior to being sick I got my chocolate raggety ann and andy done.....The lady I gave them too had a tear in her eye. she was tickled pick with them. I am a equal opportunity raggety ann and andy maker, I make them in vanilla, chocolate and licorice! more to post later,
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beloved Monkey Boy and his Momma

Man! long time no blog, shame on me! Quick blog today, have alot more
to post about later. Sunday, the big orange box had their annual xmas party.
It was fun and delicious. My son aka beloved monkey boy was my date and they had a photographer there again this year. This years pic was much better, BMB has cut off his rat tail and grew a goatee. He is a handsome one.
I breed them tall and cute. more later!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz