Sunday, May 30, 2010

thank you Dad

as you know, tomarrow is Memorial Day in the United States. My post today is about my Dad. RM1 James E McClure. He went into the Navy in 1948 and stayed til 1968. He was a man of Honor and raised 3 daughters. He was very proud of his daughters and gransons. He passed in 95 and is greatly missed by all of us. Thank you Dad for your years of service in the Navy and stepping up to raise your daughters when another wouldnt. This picture is of Dad when he went to Great Lakes Training Center. I got it out of his memory album from that year. A special thanks and prayers to our Service People where ever they are across the world. Come home safe, you are very much loved and missed!

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dennis Sean, my hero!

yes! 2 post in one day! this picture you see is my nephew, Dennis Sean McClure, who graduated from Liberty University yesterday. In the picture is his daughter Summer, my grand niece. I am so friggin' proud of my nephew I can burst! He works a full time job, is a full time daddy and went to college!
It has been a long 2 years and he can finally relax! He got his B.S. in Management Information Systems. Big ass title for computer geek Dennis, I am proud of you! I cant say this enough!!
Not only can you breed stink'n cute kid, but you are hansome and smart to boot! To see a better view of him and summer, double click on the picture! A special thanks for Michelle who supported Dennis while he was in college and working and who is a great Mom to Summer!

Keep On Stitch'n On!

(mauh) Liz

editors note: clicking on the picture will not enlarge it. phooey! trust me, he is hansome and she is adorable. only suggestion I can make, save pic and enlarge thru your photo editor

silent saturday one day late,this picture just cracks me up!

Keep On Stitch'in On!
(mauh) Liz