Tuesday, April 28, 2009

have you seen this man?

is it a bird? a plane? a nutjob? nooooooooooooooo its QUILT MAN ON A SEGWAY!
read the comments at the bottom.....they are a hoot!

new job is going well, it amzing how after 2 weeks out of a job, you get soooooo tired without that afternoon nap!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Friday, April 24, 2009

mail call!

The maillady was very good to me today! first I got more potlid knob covers! first one is from Kay, the second one is from my friend BB. both women are very talented. Love the colors of Kay, but the ribbon on BB's makes it look like an adorable sunbonnet! thanks ladies!
I am part of a online doll swap, my partner Molly sent me this adorable 30's repros mini quilt! I am sooooooo loving this quilt. not only did molly send me the mini quilt, she send daisy buttons, button head straight pins and much needed note pads. I love to know how she knew I love Dove chocolate!?!?! I need to hussle on my partners quilt. I will post picture when I am almost done .
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

swap pakage is in the mail!

remember this sneak peek?

this peek turned into this:
which turned into this:
this is an orginal design by MOI and I hope to make it into a pattern. This mini (approx 18 in sq) is going to my swap partner in the 'minature booty swap' . I almost didnt send it out (grin). I will make another one in really bright colors! enjoy!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Friday, April 17, 2009

this is my challenge and I sticking' to it!


I am participating in Amy of cityparkgirl's virual http://parkcitygirl.blogspot.com/ This is my story on my favorite quilt. Actually it a quilt and a mini. This is the story of 'the challenge'
A few years ago, when I was a member of the local Guild, we were given a challenge. Purchase a piece of fabric (in this case an awful lime green batik), make a piece of art along the lines of the theme. This theme was Romantic Nights in Margaritaville, hence the green batik. Always up for a challenge I took this one on! Whatever we came up with would be put into the Guilds quilt show in the fall and be voted on for a prize.
After much searching and fretting over color schemes, I finally decided to do a double Ohio star in colorful batiks with a black tone on tone background. I cut a test block out and assembled it. I really liked how it looked and went forth with the cutting. Each block is 12" sq. finished with a 2" sashing, 1-1/2" border and 3-1/2" second border. Using the challenge fabric as the focal, I pull from my stash 11 other different batiks. Once I figured which colors to pair up, I started the cutting of the pieces. When I finished cutting each block, I carefully put each in its own baggy.
Now for the fun part, sewing the blocks together! Since each block was in its own bag, I didn't have to worry about losing any pieces as I went to assemble. After putting the second block together, I'm thinking to myself why is it taking me so long to put these blocks together?? I counted the pieces and discovered 53 PIECES!! 53 pieces??? what was I thinking??? So each night for almost 2 weeks, I would grab a baggy and sew one block. Each block took 2 HOURS to put together. Once I got the blocks done, I cut sashing and borders (the narrow border is made of left over batiks, cut into 2 inch random length strips and sewn together) and finished the top, which took another 6 hours. All together the top alone took 30 hours of work!
I was so proud of myself! I was strutting around my tiny sewing room chanting '"I got a winner, I got a winner!' Then (hanging head in shame) I read the rules........The challenge piece could not be more than 140" AROUND. Mine was 55" x 66". AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!! After all my work! Its too big!!! I went to Guild and saw the coordinator of the challenge and tried to sweet talk him into letting me enter my quilt. He stood firm and said no. Great.... I worked hard on this and now I cant put it into the challenge. Then I remembered the snippets!
As I was putting the blocks together, there were several snippets left over. 20 to be exact from each of the 12 blocks. I ended up with 240 snippets! For those of you who do not know what a snippet is, its the corner you trim off a block. Very common with flying geese and snowball. Both of these blocks are in the Double Ohio Star. You sew the snippet along the long edge of the tiny triangle and press open. You end up with a small half square triangle . I saw on the cover of a Fons and Porter magazine the perfect pattern. It had single Ohio stars on point, with prairie points. I thinking, I can do that! I played with the HSTs and discovered I could make Ohio Stars out of them! Played some more and was able to create mock prairie points! Yes! I will be able to enter the challenge after all!
I did finish the big quilt (titled 'Stars over Margaritaville') had it machine quilted in a medium stipple with jewel tone variegated thread. It came out WONDERFUL! With the mini quilt (titled 'Getting snippy in Margaritaville') I hand quilted with the same variegated thread inside each star. It is eye catching and very bright.
Since I could not enter the big quilt into the challenge, I did put it into the local county fair and won a BLUE RIBBON! The big quilt is one of my favorite quilts I have made. The mini did go into the Guild Challenge. Even though it didn't win a ribbon, I am told many were oooooooooing and ahhhhhhing over it. The following fall I did entered the Mini into the local county fair and that too won a BLUE RIBBON! The moral of the story is: Sometimes it does pay not to read the rules!
I hope yall liked my story (even though it was a tad long) about my favorite Quilt(s). I have made many full size and mini quilts since these two and they remain my favorite after all these years. Please excuse the fuzzy pictures, I wrote about the challenge in a online newletter called Nine Patch News and was able to retrieve these pictures. Yes, that is me hold them up. Enjoy!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have some of the bestest friends!


Im telling yall, I have some of the bestest friends! I love my quilting buds! I recently sent out a email and included this picture that I stole off a blog:
The blogger had bought this jewel at a seniors craft show in Fla. I told my friends that I would trade a little sum-sum for one of these. I dont knit or crochet (I have to assume this was crocheted) and I would be more than willing to barder. well.......several of my online friends said they would make me a set with no trade. hot damn! Arlene send me this set. She made up her own pattern and used all cotton. all cotton will not conduct heat so it is a perfect thread to use. this is what she sent me:
they fit perfectly and they stretch to fit. I will be getting good use out of these. She sent me instructions on how she made these, she winged it as she went along. If you would like these instructions (they look like gibberish to me but to a crocheter they would make sense) just email me at Erzebatbat@aol.com Arlene said I could share the instuctions with yall. Cant wait to see what my other friends are doing! These lid knob covers would make a great craft show item to sell.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Monday, April 13, 2009

I have been inspired!

I have a HUGE list of blogs I visit at least once a week. One of which is this one.
Karen has a wonderful feature each week on Tuesday called 'Tool Time Tuesday'. Karen finds things in various places that quilters can use in their sewing rooms. She has come up with some excellent items. Last year I use to write articles along the same line for an online Quilting Newsletter called Nine patch News. This was a newsletter group with Yahoo Groups. My articles were on items that you could use in your sewing room that came from Home Improvement Stores. At the time I worked at the Big Orange Box (I was recently fired, I talk about that on my other blog) and had a wealth of info for the readers. Due to family obligations, the Editor of the New patch News had stopped the online publication. There is talk among the old staff about bring it back. If they do I will be writing for it again with a different twist. I went digging thru my old files to bring up some of the old articles, I found a few but my pictures are long gone. I hope to repost them here from time to time. I had some great info and they were very well recieved.
this is just an example of what I use to write:

Hello! My name is Liz and I am a Quiltaholic…..This weeks article is on Quilter's Toolbox Basics. When I talk of toolboxes, I mean the container that you can store your sewing supplies. The toolbox doesn't have to be a real toolbox, although it is a nice way to organize your sewing items. It can be a shoe box (plastic or paper), small bucket, zippered bag, sewing box or whatever container is handy. I have to admit that my toolbox consists of three units. One is a tiny metal box that I keep the smaller items, bigger items are in a small plastic tote and the larger items are in an empty plastic ice cream tub. After doing the research for this article, I will be getting a regular toolbox. Of course you can purchase a toolbox at your local Home Improvement Store (cheesy grin) HIS. Toolboxes come in assorted sizes, colors and materials. Toolboxes are nice because they have all your sewing supplies in one place that you can grab and use. In this article there is a list of Toolbox Basic that Quilters of all levels should have.Sewing Machine Oil ~ this is a must have. You want to keep your sewing machine running smoothly. Nothing is worse that a dry sounding machine clanking along. The oil recommended by your sewing machine manufacturer should be the only oil in your toolbox. There is a difference in grades of sewing machine oil! Remember; clean out the dust bunnies first! Oil in the parts that the owner's manual shows. Scissors ~ several pairs, several sizes. I have 12 pairs of scissors and each one has its own purpose. I get mine sharpened at the local grocery store in the meat department. They offer this service for FREE! Call your local store and see if they have this service. Measuring Tape ~ you really need a Quilters Measuring Tape that is 120 inches long. A small retractable, 60 inches long on a key chain is another one to have. There are lots of novelty ones out there that would look adorable in your toolbox! Another handy measuring item is a small ruler, one inch by six inches.Quilt Tools - FabriCalc, Binding Miter, Block Tool, Kwick Klip, Tack Basting Tool and others EMT Sale and Clearance Corner Calculator ~ Large or small, this item will help you calculate backing measurements and bindings. Formula for binding is as follows: height and length X 2 plus 16 inches divided by 42 = the number of strips needed to cut for the binding. Ex. Lap quilt, 60 x 60 60 x 60 x 2 = 240 240 + 16 = 256256 divided by 42 = 6.09 strips, round up to 7 Clear as mud for ya?Stitch Ripper ~ you can never have enough of these! As soon as you find one, you lose one! As soon as you lose one, buy another to replace it, you find the original one! Kind of like the sock in the washing machine theory.Get several of each, small and large, in case the ripper fairy steals one……Needles ~ you need a small stash of needles for your sewing machine and hand sewing. For sewing machines I recommend Size 11 and 14 for piecing. Size 16 and 18 for machine quilting. For hand sewing and quilting, It what ever you are comfortable with. I personally like size 12 sharps. Pin Cushions ~ whatever you are comfy with. I have a finger ring pincushion made with a soda bottle cap, mini pincushion on top of a golf tee (great to slide in the top of a spool of thread) and an old-fashioned tomato pincushion with a strawberry attached. I prefer using the extra long quilters pins with the large beaded heads. They are a lot easier to handle with my aging fingers. Pens and Pencils ~ Say it with me…..mechanical pencils are our friends! They are cheap and easy to find in the stores. Keep plenty in your toolbox. High Lighters for your quilt instructions. Fine point black ball-point pens to write side notes on instructions. Glue Stick ~ this little item is a wonder in the toolbox. Good for fabric and paper. Great for people who love to appliqué! Staples.com®. that was easy®. Miscellaneous Items:Bees wax~ great on needles and pinsWD40 pen~ lubricate scissors and small partsExtra Bobbins~ minimum 12, loaded with thread and ready to use Plastic bags~ many, many usesBlue Painters Tape~ great for picking up stray threads and won't leave a residue.Paper Clips~ to keep papers together, coupons, to do list, magazines pages, etc.Scotch Tape~ to repair patterns and pages in magazinesLong handle, small headed Paint Brushes~ to get the dust bunnies out!Scraps of Fabrics~ 2 x 4 pieces to test drive your machine after you clean out the dust bunnies and oiled it. Helps remove excess oil. Stiletto~ helps to push the fabric over the feed dogsRubberized Gloves~ knit gloves dipped in neoprene, these are great for the machine Quilter. Grips the fabric wellSmall set of Screwdrivers~ everyone needs a set in their toolboxMini Clamps~ will hold many layers of fabric togetherI hope this gives you a good idea what all Quilter's really need to have in their toolboxes. I know I have left a few items off. Do you have anything unusual in your tool/sewing box?
Keep on Stitchin' On!(mauh) Liz

Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy easter!


another hit and run post tonight, just wishing yall a happy easter and may you get your fill of candy! This week has sucked and I hoping monday will bring a better week. one good thing that did happen this week, I got back together with an old friend I hadnt seen in years. she invited beloved monkey boy and I over for dinner the other night. it was wonderful to see her and her kids with new hubby. I plan on keeping this refriendship forever!

I plan on going over BMB's house and cook easter dinner and veg out. please have me in your good thoughts in searching for a new job.
Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz

Thursday, April 9, 2009

loving the mail!

today was a yucky day til the mail lady came to my door! she delivered my goodie box that that was part of a blog giveaway on http://justtickety-boo.blogspot.com/
Ms Julie made a trip across the border and brought back these gifties in which I had won! thanks Julie! loving that tote and that man in uniform. the maple candy is most excellent!

hop on over to this blog (sorry, just a little easter humor)
its her daughters 30th (oh to be 30 again.....) birthday and she is giving away 30 FQS!!! leave a comment on her blog and tell her 'the dingbat' sent me!

yesterday was a bad day too, not going into details but it was. I was reading my email and I was informed I had won another blog giveaway! this time from http://greenmare-maresnest.blogspot.com/
I won a beeeeeeeeeautiful tote bag! Mare has a boo-boo on her shoulder and we readers were asked to come up with a creative story to tell how she did it. I wrote:

hmmmm.....rotary cuff injury,eh? how many little old ladies went DOWN as you shouldered your way thru a crowd of bargain hunters at your local quilt shop? how many bolts of fabric did your super human strength allow you to carry to the cutting counter? I think you did your damage as you were lifting a unsuspecting nonquilter, who was blocking you from getting to that $1 fat quarter bin,out of the way! and thats my story and Im sticking to it! becareful of painkillers and alchol, they lead to more babys being conceived! dont ask me how I know....

her friend trudy was asked to pick a winner. Trudy really liked mine and I won!! woohooo!
and they say that being addicted to blogs is very very very bad......

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

Monday, April 6, 2009

It was a good day to be sewing!


I had a great day today! I went over to my blogger buddy Lola's house.http://ansewon.blogspot.com/ Lola lives 'up the road' from me. up the road is about 40 mins. I had a wonderful time! Her house is the cutest! It a picture of country prim. She is very talented and a gracious hostess. I wanted to learn how to make these adorable kitchen towel dresses that I saw in her blog. She said sure, come on over and we will have a sewing and gab fest. This was something I really needed since it has gotten very stressful at work and I rely on sewing and quilting as my stress relief and basket weaving therapy. Her hubby BBQ ed a pork butt and man was it excellent! It was 'slap your blue tick hound' delicious! She sent me home with a good size bowl and I will be having it for my lunches. I will have to stop by food dawg for buns and cole slaw It was a very relaxing day except for the thunderstorms that rolled thru. When I got home I was watching the news and discovered the storms may have produced a couple twisters!!!!! It touched down 'up the road' north of us. Did some major damage here and north carolina. We have decided that we will get together at least once a month and I will be looking forward to it! Lola is an excellent teacher and the towel dress lesson went fast and easy.

I liked it so much, I went to the dollor store to get a couple more towels to get a jump start for xmas! The one I made today is going to my pirate booty swap partner! I sure hope she likes it.

Keep On Stitich'n On!

(mauh) Liz

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a day of no sew


Had a very lazy day today. Just about no sewing was done except for some hand applique on the pirates mini booty quilt I am making. Did laundry, went grocery shopping (Abby insist that I feed at least once a day)and paid some bills online. Speaking of online....have I told yall I am seriously addicted to blogs? I have spent most of the day reading blogs and entering the giveaways. I did win a giveaway last week! from http://justtickety-boo.blogspot.com/

I stole this pic off her blog to show yall what I have won. she is sending out this weekend to me and I cant wait for that maple candy. you can not find it here in Va.
here is a small list of the giveaway sites that I visited today, yall go visit them as well and tell them the dingbat sent ya!
is there a 12 step programs for addicted blog readers????
Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz