Monday, June 27, 2011

long time no post


I know its been a while since my last blog post and I have no excuses. I have kinda lost my mojo. It comes in spurts and leaves just a quickly as it gets to me. I was hoping with the work slow down at the Q, reduced hours, I could get alot of sewing done but noooooooo. I have enjoyed reading others blogs and having been getting a some great inspiration from yall. Just havent had the energy to get more sewing done. I have decided to start a tiny little at home cottage industy with my quilts and crafts. from time to time I will be posting of some things I have designed and made for sale. I will be posting on my facebook page too. Like I said before I have done a little sewing but I hope to get more done this summer. KEYWORD: Hope.......

Meet Pricillia, Queen of the Unfinished! Prissie for short. Prissie was gifted to me by a quilting buddy named Connie (no blog). She decided to downsize and knew I would give her a good home and get good use out of her. Prissie is a Pfaff Hobby 1200/Grand Quilter. She came with a inspira frame for which I am waiting for Beloved Monkey Boy to come over and put together. He has his own things he is doing lately so I may have to do it myself. No worries, I have been using her on the dining room table and getting some good results. I am loving the huge extended table and speed I get from her.

I still working on my meandering and wavey stuff, but I think I got the spirals nailed. This is a BOM from several years ago that I gifted to my Nephew's wife Michelle. Should have seen the big ass grin on her face when I presented it to her.

As I read blogs I find alot of crafty goodness there. I found this quick and easy cell phone pouch and was inspired to make a few. I gave them to friends to product test for me to make inprovements. They all suggested a small pocket on the inside and a secure loop. Even though the pouch is tight and secure to hold a Iphone, they still like the idea the extra security. I will tweek it some more and will be selling these. I gave one to a guy and he really like the idea of tucking it into his back pocket and it does protects the screen on his phone. Feed back is a good thing! Im thinking about making some out of NFL and AFL fabric for the sports fans.

This is my new purse. I put together the best parts of 3 different purse patterns I got free off the net. I used cut off legs of a pair of jeans I had and some sturdy canvas material. I like this purse, lots of pockets and small.

Inside of purse. 2 more pockets on the inside, great for keeping my work id safe and a pen.

For my local quilting buddies (southeast Virginia/northeast North Carolina) who read my blog. I have started a Quilt Binding Service. I have always said that the binding on a quilt is a necessary evil. If you have a Quilt that you would like me to finish the binding on, please contact me at Please put in the subject line, Quilt Binding Service so I dont automatically delete ya.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and the blog.

Keep On Stitch'n On!

(mauh) Liz