Saturday, June 5, 2010

A request

ever been doing something not quilt related and a brilliant quilt plan pops into your head??? I had one of those moments recently. I want to design a quilt in honor of my grandmother. While in the shower, I had this quilt idea popped right into my head! I get a lot of great ideas while in the shower, most of my best Redneck Quilter Jokes came about in there. Feel free to stop snickering now...... anyhoooooo........Grandma was Cherokee and Chippewa. Her spirit totem was the Owl. Mine is the Bat, loooooong story behind it .She had Owls of all sorts all over the house. Real stuffed ones, metal, chystal, glass etc. I have seen some stinkin' cute Owl fabrics on the blogs and in the catalogs lately and I thought that would be the perfect material for a quilt! Problem is, none of my local quilt shops carry that kind of novelty fabric. I dont need much, 5 in charm square, fat eights, scraps.... I have a ton of tone on tone, poka dot that look like owl eyes, feathers, and gemometric designs to co ordinate with the Owl fabric. sooooo this is my request..... can yall spare a little bit of your owls fabric stash (if'n you happened to have some)? In return I will send you a cute little item hand crafted by moi! not gonna tell you what it is, it will a surprize. The working title of this quilt is GrandMa's Hooters! She would love the double meaning of that title . Please email privately for my snail mail addy if you are interested in this exchange. thanks in advance!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Mary said...

not an owl or a bat in the stash, but I hope you'll share pictures later with your chat room friends.

soggybottomflats said...

Let me take a look around, not sure if I do or not. Love the double meaning....must have been a really cool lady. I'll get back to ya in a couple days or so. If not, feel free to shake my cage, k? Elaine

Shirley said...

Hi there, did my fabric to you arrive savely?