Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beloved Monkey Boy and his Boo Sugah

this has been a rough week. monday I locked the keys in my car. I never do that......with the exception waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1990 but that is another story. Of course I was working 2nd shift at QVC in Va and I didnt get off shift til midnight! I called POPALOCK which should be called popajoke wouldnt come out to rescue me.....gggrrrrrrr........... I called my son Daniel AKA Beloved Monkey Boy. I told him what I had done and could he come get me. He said he would but he was bringing his girlfriend which he refers to his Boo Sugah. I will Refer to her as MsBOO.
She is a pretty girl and has been very good for BMB.
Daniel and Jenn. they make a cute couple!

They come out to the warehouse and bring with them a hammer and coat hanger. IM thinking...oh hell aint breaking the window to the Plum! He said no, he was gonna try to pry open the door frame,then push the coat hanger in the door and pull up the lock stem. I have the old fashion lock stems so it easier to unlock. The coat hanger was too thick so I went to security and got a thinner hanger. good news! it worked! bad news! there is surface damage in the roof and on the door frame. At MsBoo's suggestion I layered some topcoat finger nail polish on the effected parts to keep the rusting out. evenually I will get the Plum a new paint job. Of course the alarm went off and I couldnt get it to turn off. there were a few people in the parking lot and they were staring at us. I finally got the alarm off, gave MsBoo and BMB my heart felt thanks and hugs. BMB demanded a large pan of my infamous tuna fish casserole that I will gladly make.they saved me alot of money and aggravation. In middle of all this a thunderstorm was coming thru. lightening and thunder and rain and it was 1am before we were able to leave. This was one of my proudest MOM moments. I raised him on my own and I know I did a good job when I could call him after midnight to come to my place of work, in the rain and help his stranded momma! many thanks to Beloved Monkey Boy and his Boo Sugah!

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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Candace said...

Thank goodness for family and friends. They are a cute couple.