Wednesday, October 13, 2010

damn...has it been THAT long???


Yes I still alive! sorry for the no blog in so long. July we had a bad storm and my phone lines went out AGAIN. Verizon has been a prick about coming out and fixing them. Beloved Monkey Boy told me about a special that Cox cable is having on internet service. Im making arrangement with them. I will dump Verizon after 20 plus years and stick with my cell phone and internet. It will be cheaper in the long run.

Meanwhile.....alot of sewing has been going on. I won a blue ribbon at the peanut fest for my recyled jean leg country apron! BMB got a blue ribbon too for his loom beading! He has parted ways with his girlfriend and started doing the loom beading again. He made this beautiful braclet with several shades of blues and white. Kinda look like Bargello. It impressed the judges into a blue ribbon. Makes a Dingbat Momma PROUD! As soon as I get a picture I will post it.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


AverettLadyNana said...

Congratulations to both of you for your Blue Ribbons!!! Really cute apron!!

We were having Verizon issues too with land-line phone back in the winter/spring. Sent THREE different people out here. Be fixed and within a couple hours out. One of the guys told me what to say to get them out in 24 hours as he saw my husband and his health issues. Finally that same man found it. Told him the first one said he was afraid it was in this particular section of line between this and that pole but he from Richmond and didn't have basket truck to get up there where he needed to. So going to box at the school where he did something that got it working for a while. Went out next one had bucket truck but he said problem at box he called said it was fixed and it wasn't. Called again and gave a piece of my mind to several people kept asking for their superior. They sent the good guy out and he was out of his normal area too but he said the line between those two poles was bad that our line was using and he switched us to an upper line as that cable bad and leaking and needed to be replaced but he didn't have enough cable to do it so switched us to an upper line in the bundle.

Internet has been a pain lately too this past weekend on two hours with a man getting it connected back up...he took control over my computer to do my part as my old computer was just so blasted slow...I think he thought it was me and he found out it was part me.l..LOL but also part slow 'puter. Everyone of those guys kept saying connect to FIOS and issues would be solved...but that is so dang much more expensive...and I know several who have had a LOT Of issues with that too.
Daughter and her husband switched their computer and phone to Cox already had it for TV and not issues since...and cost less. They still have verizon for cellular.

alice said...

Very cute apron--I can see why you won! You will have to do a tutorial.
We have done quite well without a land line since we moved into our new home.
The only people that call it are people trying to sell you something, so why bother.
As long as the electricity doesn't go out and we can sew, life is good.

Beth said...

Forget company loyalty... go where the money gets the most value/service!!! You'll be happier in the long run.

Great Apron!!!

Barb said...

Love your recycled jeans ....just love it.