Friday, December 3, 2010

mock binding tutorial

Today's post is about Mock Binding. When I mentioned this technique to my quilting buddies they wanted to know more. When I described it, they couldn't get a true visual of it. So I decided to do a tutorial with picture. I use this binding style in small projects and baby quilts.
If you have been reading other blogs you know that mug rugs are all the rage. I adore these tiny quilts. That is what they are, tiny little quilts. My samples are approx 5 x 9 inches. Perfect for a mug and a snack! Here goes the instructions:

Once your have designed and constructed your mini quilt top, you are going to add a 1 inch wide border all around the edges.

Pick a pretty backing that compliments your top. As you can see I chose a pretty little floral print that matches the top fairly well. Cut your backing approx 1/2 inch wider than the top.

Cut your batting one inch wider than the backing. Layer the 3 layers in this order:
Backing (right side up)
Top ( right side down)

Stitch a 3/8'' seam all around the block leaving a small opening. Trim and cut corners. Turn inside out, this is also known as pillow case or 'birthing' I prefer birthing cause its
a labor of loooooooove *grin* Carefully poke the corners out nice and sharp. You can use a chop stick or a long handle artist's brush. Slip stitch opening, iron flat.

Stitch in the ditch all around the edge of the mug rug. This will give the edge some depth and gives the illusion of binding, hence the term 'mock' binding! Clear as mud? good!

As I said earlier, I use mock binding for smaller projects and baby quilts. Using this technique holds up better on baby quilts, especially when they washed a lot. You don't have to worry about little fingers working their way under the tradish binding and getting their fingers tangled up.

Feel free to email me with any questions:

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Helen said...

I just finished some mug rugs last month. Connecting the binding on something that small is torture. I wish I had seen your mock binding tutorial earlier. I will definitely use it in the future. Thanks for a wonderful idea.