Friday, March 29, 2013

say wha??? part 2


blogger wont let me publish more than 6 pics at a time so I will have to do this in parts. reckon 9 months was too long between posts? (snicker-snort-snort-snarf)
 after making a doz pocket pouches I finally made one for myself
 the first pocket pouches I made from beloved monkey boys jeans. got the idea from something I saw on Pinerest. of course I had to ut my own twist on it with the fused flower petals and large button in the center
 with the some of the left over jean scraps I made this purse for me. I have been heavy into recycling and repurposing jeans. gots all sorts of ideas from other blogs and Pinerest.
 again, Pinterest came thru with some adorable baby bibs. since my friends have reproducing like frick'n rabbits I have made tons of these to give. I call these cowboy up!
 full size bibs and business tie bibs. stinkin' cute aint they?
 all these bibs have velcrr closures. if you make any for yourself, I recommend SEW IN dots. the sticky ones will mess up your needle.
this is Charlie's quilt. I call it, black and white with a little bit of bright. this pattern is my go to pattern for baby quilts. its a Disappearing None patch made with 6 in blocks but a charm pack will do nicely. approx 42in square.
Dumplings! cute little zippered pouch. a free pattern from Keykalou!
once you get thru the first dumpling, the rest are easy! save this link, it is no longer avaible on her blog. I had to dig deep in order to find it again.

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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andsewon said...

We have anew baby coming as well...first great grand baby! Good Heavens! boggles the mind to think about that! hahahah! Sweet bibs!! Love the dumplins!