Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Indian Hawthorne anyone?


a quick hit and run post tonight. I have been reading alot blogs and this time of year many have pics of their flowers in their yard. well, here is mine! I planted a row of Indian Hawthorne in front of my house a short while after I had moved in. Over the years they have bloomed profusely. I thought I would share a pretty pic with you while the flowers are in full bloom. When I was taking this pic, I pulled on a viney thing to clear a path to take a pic. Out pops a baby bun-bun! I was so surprized I didnt get a picture, even though the camera was right in my hand! anyhow, this is the pink princess variety of the Indian Hathorne. This is a great flowering shrub. very low maintence and drought tollerant. I highly recommend it for the lazy gardner. enjoy!

Keep on Stitch'n On!

(mauh) Liz

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