Friday, April 11, 2008

I am loving making purses


As my title states, I am loving making purses out of fabric. I picked up a pattern at the mid atlantic quilt show in feb and I finally got it done. I really like this purse! lots of room and I added an extra pocket on the inside. This pattern is called 'The two hour tulip purse' . It is designed by Janice Pope of Raliegh NC. Believe me, it does take only 2 hours to make it! each 'tulip petal' (there are 4 of them) measures 7 in wide and when the purse is sitting on a table, 7 in tall. 2 of the petals fold in on the sides to create a nice closure. The only thing I would change about it, would be I will used timtex instead of reg quilt batting. It will make the walls of the purse firmer with out making it too stiff. that or use heat bond lite between the batting and the lining to firm the walls up a bit. I did put a card board square covered in matching fabric in the bottom of the purse to give the bottom a sturdier base. I will diffinately make another one!

I was looking through the ads one sunday and found a vera wang purse that I really like. I am working on my own knock off. As soon as I get it done I will post on it. Til next time,

Keep On Stitch' On!

(mauh) Liz

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Donna said...

Liz, Thanks for the comment on my new blog. I loved the "evil b movie laugh". I really think I am going to like this blogging.

Donna Coulter