Thursday, June 19, 2008

apple core mini


As promise, a picture of my applecore mini I made 2 years ago during my lunch hour at work. Sometimes I refer to my lunch hour minis as 'the hour of therapy power' When I sit down to eat, it usually only takes about 15 mins to wolf it down. ok...that gives me at least another 30 mins to do something. what to do? hmmmm......that is enough time to so some hand sewing! right now I have 2 kits in my locker. One is a drunkard path(blocks are 2 inch) and the other one is a Churn Dash(blocks are 3 inch). I alternate working on each. The applecore took about 4 months working off and on. I didnt use any batting and use the birthing method instead of layering and binding. I did enter it in the local county fair called the Peanut Fest and won 2nd place! It may have won first if I had used batting and binding. I couldnt see my patience being push that far on curved binding. enjoy!

Keep On Stitchn' On!

(mauh) Liz


Kucki68 said...

So many red apples have to keep the doctor away!

andsewon said...

Hey...we are neighbors..sorta! I am in Isle of Wight, near Smithfield! I found you when I Googled the 2 hr tulip purse to put a link on my blog post about it and found your April post about yours, added it tomy post. I too bought the pattern at Feb Quilt Show!
You are so talented love this one!!
Love REDS!!
Will put you in my favs!
Please take a look at my 'version' of the purse and post!!