Friday, August 29, 2008

new product alert!


brace yourself, Im in a chatty mooooood.

I have several new products to tell you about. yall remember the ruler attachment called the gripper? looks like a old fashion telephone receiver. I didn't like it, it was too big and cumbersome. the website announce that they had developed a smaller gripper called " the Amazing Little Gripper''. Ladies and gents, this is a MUST have! My local quilt shop (The Quilting Bee of Chesapeake, Va) is carrying them and I got one today! I love it!!! It is the perfect size for me. no more doing the 'spider dance' with my hands on the ruler to keep it in place. Go to this website and check out the info. there is a instruction sheet that you can print out on how to use it.
I'm telling ya people, you will LOVE it. Runs around 7 bucks and worth it! I have carpel tunnel in both wrist as well as early signs of arthritis in my fingers. This little gadget has helped me a lot! Quick to grab the ruler, quick to release it!
You see that blue ruler that looks like a wonky nine patch? Its call the X-Block template. That is the latest rage going right now. You take a nine patch block, use the lines on the ruler (BTW, the blue is the protective coating that most acrylic rulers come with, its peels off easily) to line up the degree of wonkiness (is that a real word? haaaaa, it is now) then trim off the edges. Go to this website to read all about it. Again, I got the template from my LQS, I am doing a shop sample with it, I have decided on a fall table runner. The shop is celebrating its 6Th anniversary and I will do a demo with it and teach a class. I will combine the Little Gripper and the X-Block template for the demo. The Little Gripper fits perfectly in the middle of the 6 1/2 X-Block. Of course I will post pictures when I get the sample done.
Last new product to tell you about. See that big green bag in the picture that says GoGreen/Joann? Yup. Joann Fabrics has jumped on the recycle bag wagon. Cost is $1!! This is a very generous size bag! Its big enough to hold a full size quilt! Its made of the same material that all the grocery store recycled bags are made from. The bottom has a thin, fabric covered cardboard piece that supports the bottom. I'm not liking it too well. I will take 2 pieces of plastic canvas, cut it to size of the cardboard and cover the pieces with fabric. It will make a firmer support and wont SNAP in half if I put too much in the bag. I have done that with my other recycled bags and it works great.
ok, I have chit chatted enough, I do have MORE to write about tomarrow!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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