Monday, August 18, 2008

Swap Time!

I really need to post more often (hanging head in shame).

Today I got my ALQS person! I join the swap earlier this month ( for more info, click on the icon to the left) and today in email I got the name and preferences info! I have been itching to start this mini quilt but I held off til I got the mini bio on my person. I'm glad I did, this person has the same taste as I do. I was going to go in a completely different direction but now I have a better plan. The quilt is due in November. I will have plenty of time to get this mini gem created and in the mail.
Not much has been happening. My son has a new job and is a very happy camper. He is making more money and has less responsibility. He was getting pretty discussed with his old job and finally got off his butt and went looking for another. He had been at his old job for almost 10 years. He started when he was a junior in high school and stayed there after he graduated. My nephew is trying to get him to go back to school. This mother would love it if he would........
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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