Thursday, January 8, 2009

alittle bit of this...alittle bit of that....

blogger is soooooo hating me for some odd reason. for over a week now I have been trying to do an entry with pictures and the site keeps locking up as Im trying to upload them. so this entry will be picture less.

first off, I have joined the Very Vintage Swap exchanged sponsored by I have been gathering items and fabric . I just have to sit down and get sewing. the box is due to go out by Jan 21st. I need to it in gear!

I have joined another mini quilt swap (I am loving these swaps!) This one is sponsored by this one will be slightly different as the usuall 'seasonal' mini quilt. we were asked to name our favorite season ( I chose Fall) and 2 colors.
the mini will involved our favorite colors and season. This one is due in March so I have a little leeway.

My swap partner with the secret santa of karolinaKwilters finally opened her goodie box from me and loved it. I have a picture of the goodies I sent but like I said earlier....blogger is hatting me lately. I have read other bloggers complaints about this, so I am not alone.

I finally got Lily Reese's quilt done and mommy came to my work to pick it up. It was admired by everyone. Mommy was tickled pink! Mommy sent me a picture of that adorable baby sitting on the quilt. As soon as blogger starts to co operate with me, I will post a picture.

Remember when I asked about where I could get a little glass pickle for my charlie brown cmas tree? of my buddies from the AOL quilt chatroom found one for me and sent it to me. its a itty bitty glass pickle and is just the right size for the tree. thanks Ole!!

Six more weeks til the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Va! will you be there? I know I will! I submitted my vacation request for that weekend and it was approved! woohooo!

On a closing note, I have been remiss in posting my infamous 'you might be a redneck quilter.....' jokes I have written so here goes acouple of them:

if you use mawmaw’s old snuff cans to store buttons, needles, threads and assorted might be a redneck quilter....

if you use a box cutter as your rotary cutter and 1x5 as your ruler and the hood of a 88’ Chevy S10 as your cutting might be a redneck quilter......

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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