Tuesday, December 30, 2008

baby love.....my baby love......

remember these fabrics for lily reese's new quilt?

they became this quilt top! its alot more girly girl in person. will do a simple shadow stitch and swirlies for the machine quilting. this quilt is for......
this very special little girl! This is Lily Reese and her first cmas tree. Is she not a Gerber baby if'n ya ever saw one???
Keep On Stitich'n On!
(muah) Liz
P.S. BMB finally went to the Drs. He has severe broncitis! He was well on his way to pneumonia! Drs gave hime a script for a antibiotic and an inhaler, he is on the mend.
Thanks to all who asked about him. His bday was yesterday and it wasnt a very good one for him with his being sick. I will try to cheer him up later in Jan.


Shirley said...

What an adorable baby and I love the colors that you chose for the quilt.


Gena in Dallas said...

Great blog name!!! The quilt is soooo colorful... and the baby is perfection! Will visit again as time allows. I see you did one of Bonnie's mysteries. I'm on her list, but didn't do the new mystery...yet!