Saturday, May 2, 2009

last swap quilt is in the mail!~

its been a crazy april for me. I get fired from the orange box, details on my evil blog. then I get a new job, the one I really wanted for a long time. been training for the last couple of weeks. trying to get all my swaps done too! this is the last mini quilt swap. I joined the Doll Quilt Swap 6 a couple of months ago. I knew what I wanted to do, just trying to find the time. I recieved mine last week, which I ADORE! I finally got this one done and got it into the mail. not telling yall where its going.....dont want to spoil the surprize for my swap partner. I added a couple of goodies to the pakage. I hope my person likes them
I call this one, 'butterflys are free' its about 16x18.
close up of the butterflys.....fuse and blanket stitched by hand. quilting is by hand except borders with was machine stitch in the ditch. I may have to develope a pattern for this one too!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Molly said...

Liz--this is adorable!! Love the butterflies and blanket stitch.

Shirleymac said...

You do beautiful work! Love your butterflies.

Anonymous said...

There you are! I didn't have your blog info, but I posted on Flickr and John sent it to me.

Thank you for the cute quilt and the goodies! Enjoy your summer stitching! --Anastasia