Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th of july!


have a safe and happy 4th of july. when yall are out there flipping burgers and watching the fireworks tonight, think of me. I will be working til 11pm, ahhh, the joys of retail!

here is waht I am working on, I am doing an article on 'going green' with making tote bags out of recycled vintage sheets and jeans. I was playing with some cut off legs that came from some jeans I had turned into shorts for beloved monkey boy. I saw a article on another blog on how the back side of a pair of jeans turned into a apron. I thought I could do the same with a jean leg. what ya think? I still have the waist band (I found some turquiose materials in my stash), ties and towel loop to put on. enjoy! stay tune for my double giveaway coming up soon!
I plan on doing a tutorial in how to make this.
Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz

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Allison said...

Cute, what a good idea! Love your blog name, it cracks me up. :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison