Sunday, October 18, 2009

for those of yall into civil war reproduction things.....


recently I sent out a link to a website to my online quilting buddys that had a pattern for a pin cushion fashioned after a Civil War Reproduction. My friend Ramona made one and it came out very cute! This is the link to the website, just download the fre PDF file:
Ramona said she used fluff to stuff, but you can use those plastic pellets or the ever popular crush walnuts shell availible at your pet supply place. I have a friend who gets the crush walnuts for her son's lizard cage so in a sense...its lizard litter!
Remember those adorable Poochie bags I posted about earlier this month? Wellllllll, Ms Monica has done it again! She designed a itty bitty poochie bag! they are so stinkin' adorable! She uses a moda layer cake slice for hers, but you can also use 5 inch charms!
they come out approx 4 inches, you can fill it with candy and stuff the pockets with a gift card for a present! cute cute cute!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


happy zombie said...

You make me blush, Liz!

Betweens said...

I have to let you know that I really love this pin cushion.. the first that really interested me.. it looks so retro!!
I am going to make this and send as my quilty gift for my secret quilter sister.. she will never know it though till she gets it
thanks for posting this great pattern

Linda B said...

I think I just found you. A redneck dingbat can't be all bad! I'll join the show!
Hey, great pin cushion.

Lori said...

Luv the pin cushion!

PS. I want to work for the Q. (I spend enough money! LOL)