Thursday, December 10, 2009

Im still here!

Im still here! Having alot of problems with my phone lines. apprently the gutters are backed up, forcing the rain water to seep into eaves, which run down the wall that has the shorted the phone jack and now I have no phone service. everytime it rains I have this problem. once I locate a 15 ft ladder, beloved monkey boy (aka son) can climb and clean out the gutters. then I can get the phone jack replace and get back online. I dont have internet access at home but I do have BMB's puter and access at the library. no pictures for a while, so I hope I dont bore ya with my chit chat. thanks for understanding!
Keep On Stitchn' On!
(mauh) Liz


andsewon said...

Sorry to hear this Liz!
We have static on ours out here as well..been on there from when we got that first huge amount of rain first go round.
Verizon says they fixed it..NOT!
Hope the holiday rush is not doing you too bad this year!!!

an encourager said...

Bummer for the drenched phone lines!