Thursday, January 21, 2010

Im back!! I think....maybe....kinda.....sorta.....

like the bad seed that I be, I am back....I think....still having problems with phone lines but I can get online more often lately. Verizon and I are not seeing eye to eye. I may end up switching providers before this is all over. I thought it was a shorted out jack in my wall. Nope, that isnt the problem, its that damn FIOS line they put in last summer. Th cold wet weather hasnt helped either. I have missed reading and posting blogs so much!! I have been able to get online thru library puter (which limits your time on the puter to one hour) and sons house. I get to read mail and pay bills but that is all. I have missed 2 deadlines with NPN and I am not happy about that! I am working on a couple of articles for next month.

now for the latest updates on moi!

I'm still working at QVC. They did hire me on for a permanent slot. my new title is Variable Labor. This means that I work on my own schedule and hours. I can work as little as I want or up to 40 hours. I do have to work at least 32 hours a month, 16 hours of those hours to be worked on weekends. I try to work second shift cause it pays a 10% shift upgrade. Right now Im still in QA, they have a couple of huge promotions for the next couple of months and they will need extra help with inspections. Since I am crossed trained in 5 different departments I can get plenty of work most of the time. only bad thing about working so many different departments is that each one has a different pay grade. QA and IC (inventory control) the highest is where I will try to work the most. Its a pain to do the paperwork for payroll but it is a steady job! Im still at Harris Teeter, they have cut hours and since Im not a regular of course my hours really got cut. I was hoping to quit them when I got the perm contract with the Q but until I get use to the hours there, I will stay at HT as well.

not much sewing going on, since I didn't have easy access to the internet, I couldnt surf for ideas. I am still teaching at the Quilting Bee and I have a couple of cute ideas for classes there. I am counting down the weeks til the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival! 5 weeks and counting! I generally dont spend a lot of money at the show, just drool at the wonderful work and get inspired. I have my wish list and pretty much stick to that. I try to support my local quilt shops as much as possible.

I hope yall are doing well and had a good holiday. I know I did, went to my nephews for xmas in north carolina and had a very nice laided back time. something I needed for a long time!

See yall in blogger land! maybe...kinda....praying....

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Anonymous said...

I've missed reading your blog and seeing you in chat. I hope you are back for good now. I have FIOS too but haven't had any problems with it. That's soooooo aggravating.
Hope all is straightened out.

Rhonda said...

Glad you're kinda, sorta back....I hate it when the phone company fixes things :-(
Take care.

soggybottomflats said...

...well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, looky who turned up? lol. Dang it, I missed you!

We have verizon and live out of town. We opted last year, after tons of discussion to buy a damn tower and contract out with an life is sane, at least when it doesn't go intermittent, which averages about 2 hours a month, I can live with that! There is a pic on my blog of the tower, of which we bought from a neighbor, lol.
Get your thinking cap on, we're waiting on ya...glad to see ya, Elaine

andsewon said...

Was getting ready to send out a search party...well at least an email, today asking where you were... if okay!!
I always come to HT when you are not there it seems!!;-(
So far I am loving the Hughes Net.
Hope your troubles are soon gone.
Miss you to!