Sunday, March 28, 2010

shop samples

been busy the last few weeks with my 3 jobs. I have made these cute ass pouches for shop samples. I made these to promote a class I am to teach at the Quilt shop. Once you get the first one done, the rest are easy peasy. These are called Snap Bags, called that cause the rim has metal pieces from a carpenters measuring tape! I didnt have a tape so I went to my friendly neighborhood Dolla store and bought one! I also got a roll of painters tape to seal off the ends to prevent the edges from poking thru. When I made these bags I found that one piece for the smaller bags were enough, but the big bags needed 2 pieces. The pairie points are the tabs that pop it open. I will also recommend that my students use a top stitch needle because it has a larger eye, large bore to the shaft and it will make it easier to go thru all those layers. I first saw this pattern at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show as a sew and go treat at the Brother Booth. At the same time, Mary Beth had gotten the pattern for the shop. I told her about the sew and take and we decided to do a class on them. We picked out the fabric, I took the pattern and fabric home and did the shop samples. Today she was having an event at the shop and I dropped off the samples. There was a good response to the samples. She had several patterns in the shop and they have already sold. She will have to order more patterns (they will be required to take the class) and we will make up 'kits' of the hardware for the bags. This is the pattern upclose and personal

here is a great online tutorial for those who cant get to your local quilt shop to purchase the pattern.

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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Karen S said...

Cool bags -- I really like that green one in the upper right corner.