Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures from the Mid Atlantic Quilt show

third day purchases. a couple of FQs, charm pack from bonnie blue and a metal purse handle. this handle has a rod on it so you can swap out your purse body when you want to change purses. I make purses from tea towels and this will be perfect, no need to use many handles, just switch purse bodys!

second day purchases, a few FQs and some clear templates which you cant see. they are mini templates for my infamous mini quilts.

this is one of the entrys to the wearable art division. it is heavily beaded and has a tiny little beaded coin purse hanging off the side. how cute is that?

I found this quilt to be interesting. a view of the well from the inside and from the bottom looking up. love the rainbow colors

this is one of my favorite quilts. this is a master piece of fabric art. this is all fabric with embellishments of beading and leather. this was hanging in instructors row. didnt get the name of the instructor but Im sure most of yall reconize the artist.

this is another amazing full size wall hanging. this one had 3D flowers and ferns. the mushroons on the trunk were 3D as well.

this was another favorite. the horses have amazing details to them

being a military brat, this one tugged at my heart. this quilt is a tribute to a fallen soldier who passed overseas a couple of years ago. it should have gotten at least an honorable mention

this beauty won a blue ribbon for inovation. yall should have seen the details on this quilt. this is one of those 'you aint sitting on my bed' quilts. extremely detailed. each piece was fused and machined stitched down!

this is a cute sew and take project that was offered by Brother sewing machines. Its a snap purse and the snappy part is made from cut up pieces of metal measuring tape! Since all the classes were full for all 4 days I didnt get to make one :( A friend found this tutorial online that is the next best thing. I went to Dollar tree and got the metal measuring tape and painters tape.
this one was made with 2 rows of metal measuring tape. easy enough to adapt to the tutorial.

first day at MAQF purchases. didnt get much but I found the much needed hand supports. I use the handsupports at my jobs with QVC and HArris Teeter where I am a cashier. large spool of 40wt glazed egyptian cotton thread. mainly used for hand quilting, but I will use it for machine quilting since its 40 wt and thinner than regular hand quilting thread. the little suction cup thingies are the newest thing for holding down rulers while you rotary cut. I will post a demo on how to use them later.

these pins are what I wore to MAQF. the churn dash on the left is what the AOL quilting chatroom people wear to ID ourselves. I made this pin on a beading loom. back with leather and has a tie tac pin. the Pin on the left is the pickle pin to let people know I am part of the pickle posse with mark lipinski. we tryed to schedule a pickle posse gathering friday night but I was the only one to show. oh well.....
Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz


AverettLadyNana said...

Liz, I agree with you the memorial quilt should have won a ribbon! I didn't see the other ones you took pictures of. I was out there Thursday with my daughter. We had two hours so only left about one hour at the show. I was certain I'd get back out there Saturday or Sunday but didn't. A friend showed up unexpectedly Saturday and then Sunday my daughter wanted to do something with a girlfriend and her husband was working so I had the kiddies. But I did make the purchase I was mainly after. I love those purse handles...wish I had seen those!! Elaine

Mimi said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I love it. I've added myself to your following.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Thanks for showing us some of the photos. I was a little bummed I could't make it so it was nice seeing some photos! :)

Chris said...

Now I have some more items to put on my list for the Lancaster show. The quilts are beautiful. Wonder if any will make it to Lancaster.

W. Latane Barton said...

darn, I did not get to go to the Mid Atlantic show. Maybe next year