Sunday, March 27, 2011

quickie tutorial

hiyall, How is the weather in your neck of the woods today? Mine is cold wet and nasty! A little further north there is SNOW! Snow? in late March??? Oh yeah, the Circus is coming to town, of course there is snow (snicker-snort). Never fails.....Circus = Snow...... My bones are aching with all this dampness. Time to drag out the ol' heating pad. Of course I have lost the heating pad cover somewhere. I think I went to wash it and it poofed. No worries, I will make a new cover. My tutorial today is about how to make a quick and easy, cheap cover for your heating pad.
This is heating pad, nekked as a jay bird. It has a plastic cover and

could make me sweat if I use it without a cloth cover.

Off to the dollar store to get a nice 100% cotton

tea towel. This one is in my favorite color, RED,

with pretty color threads running thru it. Its

approx. 20'' x 28'' Perfect size to cover the heating pad.

Looked into my stash of notions and found some Velcro.

Fold towel in half, place heating pad on top.

Trim to fit your pad. Make the cover oversize so when

you go to wash it, it wont shrink too small.

Of course you can prewash it to preshrink too.

Hem the top of the towel if you need too. I didn't have to on

this one because it was just the right size with a little

shrinking room. One less step for me to do.

Evenly space your Velcro and stitch in place.

Stitch up the sides with a 1/4 in seam allowance and zig zag

to finish off the seams. If you have a serger this step will go

faster. Turn inside out and slip over the heating pad.

taaadaaaaa! A new heating pad cover and it cost you less

than a $1.50 to make! Of course you can make a fancy one

by making a mini quilt and do some fancy machine

quilting on it. For me it would make it too thick

and I would not feel the heat. This one is thick enough to

protect my skin, but thin enough for me to enjoy

the heat. I like it! Took less than 20 mins to make

it and get it on the heating pad! I am thinking this

would make cute little sneaky gift. You know, go to a friends house

and leave a little gift without their knowledge and they

find it and wonder where it came from........

Keep On Stitch'n On!

(mauh) Liz

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