Wednesday, March 30, 2011

shameless plug

hiyall, I was on face book and befriended Aurifil Threads. they are running a contest sort of called 'name that variegated thread'. I named (among hundreds of other people) a spool variegated green "Shamrock Spring'. I was of three chosen for the name. Shamrock Spring is up for voting. If and when I win I will win a collection of variegated threads for my stash. Please vote for me, you will be my bestest friend!!/aurifil.quilt.thread Keep On Stitch'n On! (mauh) Liz Editors note! I didnt win :( Shamrock Spring lost by 2 friggin'votes! 2 votes! yeeesshhhhh.......good news is, unbeknownst to me, another varigated thread that I submitted a name to was also put up for a vote AND I WON!!!!!!!!! I won 36 spools of varigated thread from Aurifil!!! woohoooo! this thread is 50 wt and Im told it great for machine quilting. what color was the winning name? a spool of varigated blue, I called it Storm at Sea. it reminded me of the imfamous quilt pattern in blue and white that was all the rage several years ago. When I get my hot, sweaty dingbat hands on those spools, there will be a giveaway on this blog! Thanks to all who voted for shamrock springs! (mauh) Liz

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