Saturday, April 20, 2013

another purse tutorial!


I guess by now yall have figured out that I am a purse whore. that's right I said it.....a purse whore! most women love and adore shoes, not me...PURSES are my thing! don't like buying them ready made, I like designing, creating and wearing them. once again, Pinerest came thru with another freebie pattern for a cute ass little wrist let! you can find the original pattern/tutorial right here:

its so stinkin' adorable and easy you will want to make bunches of them! most excellent instruction and lots of pictures. found the blog last night and today I made a couple. of course this dingbat likes to put her own twist on it! I even incorporated some recycle and re purposing into it (cheeseyassgrin).

you will need the following supplies.

~2 fat quarters (this will make 2 purses using a 10.5 in template or one 12.5 in template and enough left over to make a matching coin keeper).
~a piece of scrap batting the same size as the FQ
~one zipper. the size depends on your template.
~one piece, 1/2 in to 3/4 in wide, 18 in long of heavy duty gross grain or belt webbing. sub cut into one piece 5 inch and one piece 13 inches.
~matching thread
~large bore needle 16 or 18
~zipper foot, optional

take your FQs and batting, layer and machine quilt any which way you want. I did a all over large meander using off white cotton thread. it worked out well. I then took a plastic paper plate holder that measured 10.5 across as my template and traced 2 circles to make 2 samples.

find the center and split in half


insert zipper like you normally would. I wanted to show you the big difference between using a reg foot and zipper foot. the circle on the left was done with a reg sewing machine foot. the one on the right was done with a zipper foot. IMHO there is a huge difference. when you want to top stitch your zipper down you need that extra little bit to be able to stitch down completely. if you click on the picture you can see details.

take the short piece of handle strap, center it over the zipper on one side, pin and stitch down. repeat for the larger piece of strap.  I used a piece of nylon handle strap from one of those inexpensive shopping bag that I bought with a recycling project in mind when I saw them. that will be another blog post! open zipper 1/2 way, carefully fold in half, aligning straps and stitch using 3/8 of an inch seam allowance. zig zag edge to give it a polish finished and prevent unravelling. carefully turn inside out and zip it up!

thread large loop thru small loop and there ya have it.....the fortune cookie purse! it is kinda small but I think any pre teen or little girl would like this. I would recommend using a 12.5 template or large template. this would make it slightly bigger for an adult. still have those left over jean legs from the pocket purse? guess what else you can do with them? go ahead guess! (giggle)

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Mary said...

if you don't have a circle template big enough, it is easy enough to tie a string to a pencil and voila, home made compass of infinite sizes. Darling purse btw.

andsewon said...

Wonderful bag Liz!

John'aLee said...

Darling bag. Love the name of your blog too.