Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time for a change...


I had been asked by friends who blog when I was coming over to I had not plan on coming over but when I found out I was limited as to how many pictures I could post on the other blog site I decided to give a try. In setting up this blog, I discovered that I have literaly DOUBLE to amount of space to post pics and write. good deal! I hate deleting old post and pictures. Im not a prolific blogger like some of my blogger friends but I do chit chat on a regular basis. I hope to tickle your funny bone every now and agin, and ya might even learn something from me (snicker-snort)! This picture you see is my dog Abby. She is my number one quilt tester and my constant companion. She is a large breed mix mutt like me. She is border collie/rottie/malamute mix. She is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. Warning, if she doesnt like you, hide your hiney! Abby will be 7 years old in Sept but still has the new puppy spirit. Til next time,
Keep On' Stitchin' On!
(muah) Liz

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