Monday, March 31, 2008

Time to rant!

I need to rant!~
I have 3 personal principals that are very important to me:
If you think about it, all three are connected. When you violate one, they all get violated.
This weekend was the weekend from hell at work. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong. I am a bookkeeper at a HUGE retail operation. I am fairly new at this position, but its work I have done before. I know what to do and do it well (most of the time). Apprently there were some 'rules' that was not told to me. We have a failure to communicate! You disrespected me by failing to tell me about the 'rules'. And! You werent Honest with me from the getgo, so now we have TRUST issues......heeelllllooooooooo....... it maybe time to move on.....
Anyone have a older well to do brother who has one foot in the grave and needs a companion?
(sigh) one day I hope to quit work all together and stay home to design purses and quilts.

On the good news side, I finally finished the log cabin blocks for my online exchange. Now to pull fabrics and get started on Aprils blocks. First I will make another purse. I will post pics later. Thank for letting me rant.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz