Sunday, October 12, 2008

we have a winner!


just a quick post tonight. I picked up my 3 pieces that I entered into the peanut festival. I won a ribbon for one of the pieces! I won a third place ribbon for my hand pieced, hand quilted, hand appliqued doll quilt! the quilt is approx 15' by 18''. its a pattern I got from an old american patchwork and quilting magazine. I worked on it during my lunch hour at work and its all made from my scrap bag. that includes backing and batting!

this is a door charm that I made in one of my bee meetings. its machine appliqued and machine quilted shadow stitch 2x around each pumpkin. I called the bottom pumpkin 'the pumpkin on acid'......its an old hippie joke and yes back in the day, I was one!
this was from a class I took at my LQS. the original top is 54'' x 54''. there were do many scraps left over I was able to make a baby quilt! this quilt is approx 24'' sqaure, big enough for a premie. I did add a little bit of yardard from my stash to finish it.

Rose saga part 2, still no word on the yellow rose replacement. a friend suggested I get another one and bill the reality company. I may end up doing that. I hope the hell Chantel does not expect me to chat up the potential buyers of the townhouse. I dont have nothing nice to say about her or her ethics......

Keep On Stitch'n On!

(mauh) Liz


Jo-Ann said...

How cute is that - I love it. I hope you have a cute little doll to sit on top of the quilt. You did a great job - love the pattern.

Gina said...

Congratulations on your ribbon.
I love the pumpkins

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Candace said...

Congratulations, I love all three. I think that even though it's a doll quilt I'd have to keep the prize winner myself, it's too cute to give away. IMHO.

andsewon said...

WAYTAGO!!You at a big ATTA GAL !!!
We did not go to P fest..or any at this point. Don't know if we will do Poq Seafood or not. Homebodies..;-)
Yes BILL THAT GAL for the bush!!
I would be on phone calling and let her know I was not happy with the 'yard work', that did not replace the bush!

KLL said...

Great job and Congrats on the ribbon. You do beautiful quilts and glad someone appreciated it.

Marie said...

I love your pumpkins!!! I keep saying I am going to do something for Halloween and never get around to making it....

YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED!!!!! come and play......

have you been paid for your roses yet?? Hope so!!!