Tuesday, October 28, 2008

whole lot of stuff going on........

warning, this is yet another long post! a whole lot of stuff going on!
:::::::doing the happy bat dance::::::::::: Im on vacaaaaaation.....Im on vaaaaacccaattion!!
I am getting some much needed rest! after all the drama and bullshit with the vault, I deserve this vacation. I am back on the cashier line. you never appreciate you job position til you move to another and realize you should not have taken the new position. I quilting mojo is BACK and I am a much happier person!
I finished my ALQS2 mini quilt during my lunch hours at work. I am showing a little sneak peek, when I send off my partners quilt(this coming Friday) I will post a full picture. Today I received MY ALQS quilt. I love it! It will play well with my other minis I have. I stole the picture of it off Tracy's website http://scraphappyquilts.blogspot.com/
(my camera's batteries are weak and it wouldn't flash). It is so much prettier in person! Tracy also snuck in a charm pack of Bella by Ro Gregg, I love it! Its a wonderful line of romance fabrics by Northcott. My bday was on the 24th and this was a great surprise to find in my mail box!
I am getting a bunch of sewing done while I'm on vacation! I have cut enough strips for 3 months of log cabin exchange and nine patches. I have started to clean up my sewing room! I am determine to get it clean and organized during this time off. I am trying to set up a little shop on Etsy and I desperately need to clean up my act (sort to speak) before I can do that. I have a few pieces to set up with, but once I get my sewing room cleaned up I will be more motivated to keep it straighten. I will post before and after pictures .
The rose sage......don't get me started. still no word from Chantal about the replacement. go ahead Chantal, play your silly game of 'I'm not responsible for the hired hand damage'. I got news for you girly, YES YOU ARE! you told him to weed whack both sides of the town house, you did not have our permission and YOU are the liable party! Now worries, though......You work for a well known Realtor in my area. I know him personally from working with him thru my job at the big orange box. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate one his team players doing this to potential clients. This dingbat don't play.......
I cranked up the fireplace tonight. There is a chill in the house and I cranked it up to get rid of it. Its still too early to turn on the heat. I have my fireplace take out the chill and extra quilts to keep me warm at night. That and my 70lb butt warmer named Abby.
I got to meet a Pickle last week! Bev from South Dakota! She was in the area with her hubby and wanted to meet any local pickles and check out the quilt shoppes. I had to work (dammit all to hell) but I was able to meet her for a delish breakfast at cracker barrel. Did I remember to bring my camera? helllllllll no......... It always fun to meet online quilting buddies. The Mid Atlantic Quilt Show is coming up in Febuary. I go every year since it is in my back yard, Hampton Va. Maybe I can get some of the Pickle Posse together then!
Like I said earlier......there has been a whole lot of stuff going on and still more to come during my vacation. 'Til next time....
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Debbie said...

Just had to come by... and say Thanks again for the great quilt!!! I love love love love it.... :)

Bizarre Quilter said...

Ah! I love this little quilt! I am such a sucker for CW and repro fabrics. I really am a vintage girl. And I love mini quilts especially!!