Wednesday, November 19, 2008

online block exchange etiquette

I have an interesting entry for my blog today. Its call Online Quilt Block Exchange (OQBE for short) etiquette. Today in the mail, I received a Log Cabin Block from a member from my online list. On the envelope it stated it was Oct LC. I'm thinking, its about time I got one from THEM since I haven't gotten one since Sept and here its Nov. I open it up and guess what? It was a block I had sent to THEM last summer! How do I know this? I make at least 10 blocks each month, I went thru my block stash and found its twin! To ad insult to injury......They signed it with THEIR name! I don't sign mine because who would see it? Can yall see why I am so pissed? I have Dec blocks already, I be damned if I am gonna waste another stamp sending a block to THEM, only for THEM to send it back to ME. I was gonna send a nasty email to that person but I opted to bitch about here and to post some unwritten rules about Online Quilt Block Exchange.

There are 2 basic block exchanges:
Centralized: everyone on the list (number of people on the list will vary) sends a number of blocks to one person with extra postage due by a certain date. if you dont send your blocks by that date you are left out of that months exchange. that person will redistrube the blocks to all on the list that sent theirs in on time.
Decentralized: A list is sent out each month with names and addys. Its kind of a honor system that you get your blocks made and mailed out to each member on time. you have a whole month to do it.
Both exchanges I am in (9 patch and Log Cabin) are decentralized. Each month I make my blocks for each one on the lists and send it out. Their are a few on each list that have gotten behind. No worries, life gets in the way of our quilting and when they have time they will catch up. that is the chance you take when you join a decentralized exchange. I have gotten as many as 6 at one time from a person from the list.
Here are some general rules/etiquette to follow when you join a OQBE.
~be on time! joining a OQBE is a commitment.
~if something happens, email all those on your list or exchange mom and let them know that you may be late or not able to partipate for that month. life happens.....
~sign your blocks (I learned my lesson today about that!)
~do not cover your commitment ass and send out a block that you did not make. not only is that lazy, but disrespecful and just plain RUDE ( especially if you SIGN it!!!)
~be prepared to send out blocks outside of the united states. I have sent and recieved from canada, it is fun to see what fabrics are in the stashed of friends outside of the states.
~OQBE are meant to be fun and to make new friends. I have had a blast doing these exchanges and I will continue to do them.
Thanks for reading this and letting me bitch
Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz


Jackie said...

Thanks for joining in on the Black and White Quilt Challenge. I just need your e-mail to send an invite to you to be able to post on the blog.

Bizarre Quilter said...

I don't really go in block swaps anymore. They end up being all different sizes depending on the sewer's idea of a quarter inch seam!!! LOL!!!

That's tough you got one of your own back. At least you like it. :)

Loz in Oz