Thursday, November 20, 2008

(singing rather badly) just like a yoyo......

its been a yo yo past couple of days! it started out with the sewthankful link above. I saw the yo yo key chain and I knew I had a little gifty to stuff in a cmas card to my quilty friends. I have everything I need and plenty of stash to dive into. of course I modified the original pattern to suit my needs. mine is smaller, uses gross grain ribbon, and my template is 3.25'' I use the lip of a spool'o ribbon to trace it on fabric. I make yo yos the old fashion way with card board templates and ink pen. this is gonna be a great project to work on during my lunch hour. I can whip up some yo yos in no time. I have it down to a fine art!
the red and white thing next to the key fob is a fons and porter stitch ripper. I have been meaning to write a product review on it since I bought it several weeks ago. I highly recommend it for any sewing kit. it has a weighted handle that fit nicely in my fluffy hands and has a nice sharp ripper head. of course I put one of my dingbat stickers on it, marking it as MINE....all MINE....keep your mitts off! They retail for $4.99 at the local Joann's who carries the whole fons and porter line of sewing notions, I did use a coupon on the purchase that made it about $3 bucks. Its very affordable that way and would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite seamstress or quilter (hint-hint). If you cant find it at your local Joann's, check the fons and porter website.

this adorable little beauty was made by my quilting buddy Arlene. Is that not stinkin' cute? look real close and you can see a pretty gold chain used like garland running thru the tree. I love it! and the pressies underneath look good too.
one last yo-yo website to share. there is an smackyourgrandma cute as can be little yo-yo gift bag. the template used were dishes! dont ya just love it? ok....enough yo-yo cuteness for now...... enjoy!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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