Tuesday, November 4, 2008

get out and vote!

If'n ya already have, good for you! If'n ya hadnt, what are you waiting for! I got up at 5:30am to be at the polls by 6am. It was raining, dark and cold. I went to my polling place and saw over 300 people in line and in the rain. I thought.....shit.....I aint standing in that line for 3 hours. So I came back around 7:30ish am. Im thinking, give it a hour and 1/2 and go back. again, the line had over 300 people in the rain plus about another 100 was lined up IN the church. I said to myself, go to wally, get abby some dry food and treats and try agin. the line will go down and the rain will have stopped. I am driving by for the 3rd time, the line is still over 200 deep outside but the rain has stopped. OK, I tell myself park the car across the street and get your batbutt inline and vote dammit! that is what I did, 2 hours and 15 mins later, I cast my vote. I stood in that line for an hour and a half in the drizzly rain, another 45 mins once I got into the church to actually get to the polling booth. My ears and throat hurt. I have a headache, but it was worth it. Im glad I had the day off, since it did take me over 4 and a half hours to vote. I came home, changed out of my damp clothes and turned on the heat. I got my "I voted in Chesapeake'' sticker and will wear it proudly tomarrow at work. I took pictures with my camera phone, once I figure out how to get them out of there, I will post them.

I did get my new purse done~the pattern is from this website.http://www.jcarolinecreative.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=JC&Screen=HOBO_BAG
I tweeked it alittle bit. Machine quilted with a med stipple and used a magnet snap closure. dont ya love the sassy self making bow? enjoy!

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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andsewon said...

Hey Liz!!!We voted early out here in the boonies. 1st time there was a line but we were 5th and 6th to vote at 6 am.!! Then I had to go to NN for my new glasses.Nasty day!HAPPY BELATED BD!!! I was down with my arthritis this past week. We will have to do our BD meeting when you can work it in to your time off. I posted a BD Give Away on my blog check it out!!!