Thursday, June 18, 2009

great googly moggly!!

holy crap batbroad! its been over a month since my last post! what the heck???? I have been busy with the new job and job search, have done very little sewing. this will be a quick post then I will post agin later tonight or tomarrow am. One thing I did get done recently is my prototype of a denium bag I am designing. I have a dozen denium pant legs I cut off beloved monkey boys pants that I had laying around the sewing room. I created a paper pattern, use the hem of the legs as the top of the purse. I used 2 legs and a fat quarter of material to create side pouches and inside pockets. I did create a gore to widen the purse which I got from the left over scraps of the legs. of course I used a magnetic snap for a closure and a cute daisy button to hide the snaps
I then took 3~2inch strips of fabric, tubed them and braided them for the handle. I use exta large key rings on the handle so I can clip my keys and wont have to digg for them. this purse is ok for light duty (quilt shows, craft shows, yard saleing) but not as a everyday sling this puppy around heavy duty purse. I plan on making another one with some changes. First, make it bigger, almost hobo style. then line it and put more inside pockets. make the darts smaller. this time I will wrap the longer strips in batting to make the handle stronger. enjoy!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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