Tuesday, August 18, 2009

she likes it! she really likes it!

the little mommy loves her quilt! I used a simple disappearing ninepatch design and 2 borders. all pinks, whites and a little bit of yellow....very girl girl! she is due the second week of september, but we think she will deliver long before then. I thinking the full moon of the 4th
keep on stitch'n on!
(mauh) Liz


Roseanne said...

I am glad that she loves her quilt. I just love the colour to> My daughter is having a bay on the 3 of october as well. You will have to let me now when she has her baby.

andsewon said...

So pretty Liz!!!!

Rannyjean said...

Beautiful pieces! I just love the name of your blog! Stop by and sign up for my giveaway, a lighted needle threader and some holiday fabric scraps!