Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A tutorial for NinePatch News!


long time no post! ack ack, real life got into the way! today's post is a long over due tutorial for the online newsletter Nine Patch News that I write for. last months article was on how to re purpose your stash. if your not gonna make quilts, make grocery bags! this tutorial is about make grocery bags. although the pics are going to be on a lunch bag ( my own design of course!) I will be giving 2 sets of measurements. one for lunch bag, the other for grocery bag (will be in parenthesise). both these bags are DEEP. will hold alot of lunch and grocery's! lets get started!

you will need the following supplies:

*1/2 yard of all cotton (one yard all cotton)

*size 14 needle for top stitching (larger eye and better to go thru many layers)

*matching thread

*cardboard template 2 1/2 in sq (3 1/2 in sq)

@cut 2 pieces 12x16 (21x24)

@cut 4 pieces 1 1/2 x20 (3 strips wof x 2 1/2)

@cut 2 pieces for pockets 6 x 8 1/2 (9x9)

~take corner templates, mark fabric, and cut out corners. hem the top of the bag body. fold over raw edge 3/8 of an inch, fold down again and stitch in place

~take pocket pieces, right sides together, fold in half, sew along the raw edge. turn inside out so right side is showing. place pockets where ever you want to place them, sew along the edge to the body of the bag

~take 2 of the long strips and sew together along the ends. with wrong side together sew along the sides to make a long handle. do not turn inside out, just press flat. see picture

~pin handle to the body. the end of the handle should start right about the corner cutout, along the edge of the pocket, to the top of the bag,loop around and come down the other side. do this for both bag body pieces

~zig zag along the handle to secure raw edge.

~this is where a serger would come in handy, but since I don't have one, I just sewed along the sides and bottom. I went back and zig zaged the raw edges to keep the material from shredding.

~Match your corners and sew edges plus zig zag

~turn inside out and there you have it! a nice tall lunch bag! The size width wise is like a regular brown paper bag. it is TALL but it will accommodate bottles of water and bread sticks *grin*

Sorry this isnt a nice clean polished tutorials like the ones I read on other blogs, but Im working on it! Next on is how to make a apron out of recycled jean legs!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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Beth said...

I think this is a great tutorial! Dont apologize for it! Ya did GOOD! I will send you a picture if I get a chance to try it out..I want to...I'm quilting up a storm...gotta carve out some time for me!