Friday, August 28, 2009

another baby quilt and shop samples!

I have been busy, busy, very busy lately with baby quilts, grocery bags and shop samples!

this is the quilt that I presented to the mommy last week. simple little
5 rail fence pattern. instead of my usual stitch in the ditch I tryed doing a wavy line
between the rows. it came out ok, afterwards I figured out that I could have
covered the feed dawgs and used a stippling foot to get a better wave.
mommy loves it. the pink bag you see is my latest trend. instead of using
paper gift bags from the dollar store, I will make the gift bag out of fabric!
butterwick has a pattern B5338 that has several options to making grocery
bags like the plastic ones in the stores. I made one according to the pattern
and I decided I needed to do some tweeking to it. these bags are very roomy
and will hold 2 gals of milk! I have made a bunch of them and I will be selling
them online soon!
this is one of the shop samples I made this week. there is a line of mini quilt kits called Snap Sack, small quilt kits. go to this website for more info
each sack comes with all materials needed for the top, backing and binding. you provide the
batting. cute cute cute kits. this one is called 'summer bloom' approx 15 in sqaure. I made it in semi-
christmas fabrics. click on the picture to get a better view of the pattern and my machine
when I was cutting this kit, I was asked to make a sample of it. I asked
if I could cut enough for 2 so I could keep one for myself. Mary Beth
said sure. MB is the shop owner and is very generous to us sample makers
and kit cutters. I decided to make the kit with mock binding and birth each
one instead of the usual layering and binding. to mock bind, you cut a strip of
fabric 1 inch wide and add it to the outer border of the quilt. put the front to back with right
sides together, lay on top of a piece of batting and stitch all around leaving
a opening big enough to turn inside out. I like to call this method,
birthing a quilt, cause its a labor of love! I know....bad pun....bad pun!
Blind stitch opening closed, then stitch in the ditch all around the edge.
this will give the illusion of regualr binding but its not, its MOCK BINDING.
on the second sample I used a different binding and it gave the little quilt a whole
other look about it. made it lighter.

this snap sack sample is called Liberty Belle, approx 10 x 28. this is perfect for a narrow space on the wall or a door charm. both kits were very quick to make and there are generous cuts of fabric in each one. ask your local quilt shop about them.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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andsewon said...

Pretty . I love the wavy line! Ues it a lot.
Good idea on the gifts bags! Hey you GOT to come TEACH me some stuff. Ha!!
Cute idea on the lil quilts.
The flag one looks like my hangers which I adore making.
Lots on my gift list will be getting some!;-)
I am so looking forward to the cool day tomorrow. Hope weather folks are not fibbing..again... ha!
I am going to make some soup!!!