Thursday, February 4, 2010

I will be glad when you are gone gone gone!

Here in the big city, the snow is almost gone. I am sooooooo glad that it is going away, but guess what? the weatherman is predicting more snow! hopefully it will be alot of rain instead. I can handle driving in nasty rain, I did during hurricane isabel. I hate driving in the snow and ice, people go nuts around here when it does. I am not a big fan of snow. I worry about my son when he drives in it to get to work. I worry about my friend lola who live waaayyy out in bumhump virginia where they dont plow the roads. I worry that one of my three jobs will call me in and hold it against me for refusing to drive. I am a good driver, I got proof from the DMV (snarfy grin) its the other asswipes out there that will kill me! I live in a huge military area. we have all the branches here. I dont give a fatrats ass that you drive tanks and humbees as part of your job in the military, many of yall couldnt drive if'n your life depended on it! When the state police tell you to stay home and stay off the roads, what part of that statement do you NOT understand??? but enough of my bitching....

woohooo! 3 more weeks til MAQF!! looks like I will be going thursday and friday. MAYBE sunday. still up in the air. I filed my fed taxes today, I will be getting a nice refund. I will use part of that for my retail therapy that I desperately need! I have my wish list started and I hope I will find at least 2 items on it. Cant go to a big quilt show and come out empty just not done!

as you can see I am back online for the moment. last day of the snow storm I lost my phone line right in the middle of doing my taxes online. not a good thing! I was able to get back online today and with this rain/snow storm coming tomarrow I may not be online this weekend. when I got my phone line back last weekend I literally sat at my puter for 4 hours plus straight catching up on my blogs. I found a couple of cute cute cute crafty pattern links I would like to share. enjoy!

Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love the post with Abby....we do "pee and run" when it snows at our now!!

Stay warm....LindaMay

Lynn E said...

Well here is to snow and driving in it. (insert big raspberry sound here)
This is exactly how I feel every 6 months of the year. Don't know why I stay in frosty freezy Manitoba.