Saturday, January 30, 2010

yes Virginia, it does snow in Chesapeake, Va!

We rarely get snow here in my neck of the woods in Virginia, but this time we got hit big time! I went out today to take a few pic to record this momentous occasion! Enjoy the view!

The Plum (Pt Cruiser) under 5 inches of snow. It may end up
sitting there til Monday. People can't drive in this crap and I refuse
to be a target! I took these pictures approx 930am this morning.
Within an hour, all of Abby tracks were covered with fresh snowfall.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce by my door way. Its 5 ft tall
and is about 12 years old.
Abby the wondermutt looking for a place to make yeller
snow. She not real fond of snow, but she tolerates it. She
rather stay indoors and be my 4 legged quilt tester.
Abby on guard duty, she spies the hoodies playing in the
snow. She thinking.....go ahead...make my day, step on
MY driveway!
My messy back yard looks very charming in the deep
snow. May have been only 5 inches, but that is alot for us!

Even the trash cans look purty in the snow!

Ok mom! I have had enough, I dont care if
I have fur between my toes, I want back in!

You know its cold outside when your 70 lb bordercollie/
rottie/malamute mix mutt goes outside to pee and is
back inside in less than 2 mins. Gives new meaning to
'splash and dash'!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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Sarcastic Quilter said...

My sister moved from Mesa, AZ to Hampton, VA about 5 years ago and has been begging for a decent amount of snow since. She forgot that this location on the east coast may not net exactly the same amount our NY childhood home did. I harrassed her when AZ got so much snow this year but now she's happy. So happy, she's sent pictures around of her shoveling the drive. LOL - makes for some fun times for the kiddos and puppies, I'm sure!