Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Recycle and Re purpose


Its that time of year again! Time to get going on those Christmas gifts! I traditionally get started on my gifts on Thanksgiving weekend but now I get started right after Halloween!

Head to the thrift shops. Dig thru your linen closets, your clothes closets. Get to your local Dollar Tree Store and check out the kitchen section. My local Dollar Store has remodeled and revamped their store and there is now a HUGE selection of inexpensive kitchen towels, potholder and oven mitts. Jump into your scrap pile and start sorting!

One of the hottest crafts to make on the Internet is a Mug Rug. This craft is HUGE! They are bigger than the usual mug coaster. They rectangle rather than square. The general size is 6in by 9 in. Big enough for your mug and a snack! There is a Flickr group loaded with lots of pictures. tutorial will get you started, let your imagination run wild with color schemes and materials. A great giftie would be a new mug with a mug rug rolled up inside with a packet of the receivers favorite tea/cocoa/coffee. This link will give idea with designs and colors. Pleasant Home: Sew Picture Perfect ~ Mug Rugs

Grab a cup of coffee/tea/soda and a snack and check out these links! Many of these links will show you how to recycle old clothes and linens into usable items good enough to gift! When you check out the websites take close at look at the sidebars for more links to other websites. Warning: These links will take up a huge chunk of computer time! Be sure you have the kids/hubby/pets fed, your in your comfty clothes and that you have alot of alone time. Have fun!

Keep On Stitch'n On!
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