Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Resistance Is futile.....

Its true, Resistance is futile! My birthday was last month and decided to treat myself to
some goodies from Connecting Threads http://www.connectingthreads.com/Quilting.cfm They were having a sale on Charms from their own lines of fabric. Got some cute xmas and repro charms. I ordered just a little bit of yardage too. I have seen 2 colors popping up all over the blogs. Aqua and Gray. Sometimes in the same quilt. Gray is a hot hot hot new neutral. I like it!
When I do baby quilts I don't like using white. The Moms are afraid to use the quilt in fear of stains. Most of my quilts end up on the wall of the Nursery. I'm going to try Gray and see if the Quilts are used for the what they are intended for. Those 2 big spools of thread is from their own line of threads. I really like using that thread. My cheapie little work horse sewing machine loves the thread. Yes there is lint but nearly as bad as some threads. The 5000 yards spools of thread cost $9.99! good deal! I ordered black and natural. I will be set on thread for a LONG time.
All this quilty goodness for about $50 AND free shipping!
These are my rug mug samples. Not finished yet. instead of using binding I am using mocking binding. same effect. I used left over HSTs and strips from a BOM I made. I have a plastic shoe box full of scraps and HST. Im liking these little mug rugs. See my last post for how-to links.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz
P.S. new redneck quilters joke......If your measuring tape is a long piece of string with knots every inch or so....you might be a redneck quilter.....

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andsewon said...

Oh my now did I miss your BD??? We need a belated BD meet up I am thinking! I will treat to Sonic Shakes and some fat qts...;-)Glad you treated yourself to some new thread and fabrics!