Thursday, July 3, 2008

cute alert!


I have something cute cute cute for you! As you probably know, most of the expert will tell you, don't sweat trying to find large amounts of time to quilt. Take what increment amount of time you can spare. I have done this for years. On my last trip to Joannes, I was 'vulturing' around the dollar rack. You know, the area where they have a lot of cute stuff for a buck. My JA has been caring a lot of kitchen items. In the rack I found this Chicky Baby (my name for it) timer! Is this not the cutest timer you have ever seen? It goes from one minute to 60. It has a nice loud bell on it too. I have been sewing in 15 and 30 min segments using this timer. Its very quiet and it surprises me when the bell goes off. I'm thinking, wow, that was a fast 30 minutes! If you get a chance to go to Joannes this weekend, look for the chick timer. It well worth the dollar! or in this case......bawk....get it? bawk....bawk....bawk.......
Have a safe holiday tomarrow, remember to honor the men and women in our armed forces and thank them for their duty to our country.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Catherine said...

What a cool idea. I get my ironing done in this 1/2 hour way. 1/2 an hour of ironing, then 1/2 an hour of stitching or reading! I know am almost OCD!!! Will have to add a chicken, i use the oven timer!! CAthyxx

andsewon said...

Hummm think I will have to use this idea also.
So much to do and I will get stuck doing one thing longer then I should puts me behind!!
I am off to town now so will look for that chicky!!!
YEE HAW!! We got much needed rain out here in the VA country side!

Jo-Ann said...

I was in Jo-Ann's today and looked for that cute chickie timer - didn't see any with the $1.00. Then as I was checking out, sitting on a counter was one lonely chick timer. Someone must have picked it up and put it down. Of course I had to take him home with me.