Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long time no write~


I bet yall thought I dropped of the face of the earth, eh? well.....I almost did. Work has been hell the last couple of weeks, alot of unnessary stress, bull butter and crap. last winter I was promoted to bookkeeper at the orange box I work at. the bookkeeper I was to be working WITH left for another job, and I was 1/2 ass trained and left to defend for myself. after a couple of months, one of the old bookkeepers came back and I thought, great! I will get help and have a team player......WRONG. sooooooooooo...I decided to step down to being a cashier again......I like being a cashier, except for the occassional drunk asshole contractor. I lost my postion as a reg lumber yard cashier, I will have to be a floater agin. maybe be trained as a returns cashier. I have applications out and I hope to hear from other companys. I really like bookkeeping, it solitude work and I am fairly good at it. What I dont like is being pulled in several directions and having veiled threats on my job for overtime and dealing with all the miscommunications. I know that these are comman in many companys, but Im tired of fighting to do my job. I take pride in doing a job well done and lately it has been a major struggle.

But enough about my major pitty party. I finally got to meet my internet quiltmaker/truck driving buddy Nancy! She had a shipment to pick up in my area and we arranged to meet at a truck stop. She had her little companion Foxy with her as usual and we had a blast! I got to sit in the drivers seat and she gave me the keys to the truck to start up! brave woman that nancy.....prior to that silly me fell out of the truck. I misstepped coming out of the cab and tweeked my hip. I ended up with bruises and very sore hip. Things are much better now, hip feels good and bruises are almost gone. Foxy is a tiny little pomeranian and cute as a button. perky and happy little pup he be. Next time Nancy comes this way we may hit a couple of quilt shops or a powwow.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Jen said...

Omg, that is sew awesome that you got to meet Nancy after all these years!!!

Candace said...

Sorry about the job hassels. I retired over 2 years ago from a big company, and they can just about destroy your soul if you let them get to you. It is nice to have a job and get paid, but you have to earn your money their way not yours, and their way isn't always easy to swallow. I hope to stay retired, but you never know what the future brings. How exciting to meet your quilting friend. Hopefully, it will be the first of many. Don't let the turkeys get you down.