Friday, December 19, 2008

Being sick is just so wrong in so many ways.....


I hate being sick......being sick is for weak people. Ask any of my friends, I am not weak. somehow, some way I got sick. there is a sinus thing going around at my big orange box. one by one associates surcomed to it. interestingly enough, its usually the ones who got their free flu shot. I dont get the flu shot, although my doctor said'' Elizabeth, you are over 50 now (geee doc, thanks for reminding me) and you are highly suseptable at your age. doc? didnt you know I am friggin' fantabulous batbroad????? batgirl all grown up, takes guano from no one! moi? get sick? bahahahahaaaa...I scoff at your words. well hell's bells.....I got hit hard with the sinus crap. I havent been this sick in over 4 years. it started tuesday afternoon, I felt a fever spike up and my ears started to hurt. took come IBs before I went to bed, woke up ok. later that wedsday, my ears started to hurt more and more and I lost my voice, shit! Im thinking, just let me get thru thursday, I have friday off I can heal myself. after work weds, I went to wally world, got some OTC drugs and cough drops and came home. I started to feel really crappy. took come drugs and went to bed. woke up early early thursday am and said.....dammit all to hell! I am sick, couldnt talk, ears were hurting, tonsils were inflamed (yes people, I still have my tonsils! sometime they are mistaken for misplaced gonads...but I still have them!) and I had a headache that would have brought down a elephant. Called out sick. foruntaly for me, I rarely ever call out. when I do, management knows Im sick. after 2 days of meds and hot tea and honey, I am doing much better. I still have no voice, a hint of a headache and I have gone thru 3 rolls of toliet paper blowing my nose off. prior to being sick I got my chocolate raggety ann and andy done.....The lady I gave them too had a tear in her eye. she was tickled pick with them. I am a equal opportunity raggety ann and andy maker, I make them in vanilla, chocolate and licorice! more to post later,
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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