Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hope you had a nice layed back Cmas like I did. First off, both beloved monkey boy and me were sick over the holiday. it was kinda of funny, we had a contest who would cough up the first lung and make the biggest snotrag pile. I am worried about his hacking cough, he refuses to go to the Dr cause all they will do is script a decongestant which he is using already. Told him if he still has it on his bday on monday he really needs to go back to the dr and get a chest xray.
as you can tell, BMB loves his curious george fannel jammie bottoms. when I told him I want to take a couple of pics he got goofy on me. my sizing on him it a tad off. the length was good but the width was way off. he is alot smaller than I think he is. I tryed on the jammies and they fit me well, that should have been a clue......

first pic: old man BMB, second pic: Im a mean little BMB look, third pic: normal BMB

BMB got me a new puter for cmas! There is a place online that refurbishes older puters with new equipment for low prices. had a black friday special and son being a savvy
puter geek himself knew what I needed . There is a flat price and options to upgrade puter parts. He did very well! He also got me a wireless keyboard and mouse! Its hard to believe that he will be 27 on monday. It was just yesterday I was in false labor with him for 4 days.........but we wont go there! We had a nice simple dinner at his place aka Manland. His roomates had left for the day and it was just me and him. After dinner I left to go to my place with BMB not far behind. he brought my new puter over and set it up. I have been downloading soft ware that I need for Digital Camera and microsoft office. I now have winders XP and Im liking it! I also upgraded to AOL 9.1 and what a difference! I have a wifi card and modem. I cant afford cable so Im still on dial up which is not all that bad. just take a little longer. If I can find a broadband source without password protection I would be in like flynn! who knew the hoodies would have passwords!

One of the first things I did Cmas morning was to open my secret santa gift exchange thru KarolinaKwilters group on Yahoo. oooooooooooooo!! what pretty things I got! my partner wont be openning hers til New Years Eve. Its a tradish for her to do that. I will post a pic of what I sent her around the first of the new year. I love doing swaps, its always fun to GIVE and receive.
I have joined the Very Vintage Valentines Swap. I will give ya more details on it later.

My goodies from my secret santa; me in my adorable apron. I love it, fits me well
and I will be using it as a pattern for different aprons!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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Chris said...

Love the BMB's jammie bottoms and his poses. Too funny. Neat apron.