Friday, March 27, 2009

bits and pieces....


I don't know about yall, but this winter has dragged on waaaaay too long. I have had the drolldums ever since the MAQF. You think after seeing all those beautiful quilts and visiting the new vendors I would have been inspired to sew my little (haha) battbutt off, but nooooooo....I have been sewing and designing new purses but my heart really wasn't in it. thinks my mojo is BACK! several things have happened in the last couple of weeks.

First! I started another blog, I refer to it as my evil side blog. Its called, Rants and Raves of Elizabitch! It does have an 'adult content' warning to it. I talk very blunt and there is a bit of potty fingers involved (evil grin).

I am involved in several online swaps. I have 3 mini quilts to make, I have finished one and got it into the mail. I have already received mine from my partner in the 4 seasons monochromatic mini quilt challenge swap. its in my favorite colors! I will start swap number 2 tomorrow, its due very soon. I did receive my valentine package from the very vintage valentines swap weeks ago, alsorts of goodies were in it! I will post a pics on Tuesday when I post the pics on the mini quilt I just sent out today. I love doing swaps, it costs me very little, I shop my stash for the materials that I need for the mini quilts and the postage is not that much!

the mini quilt I received from my 4sqs partner
love the colors! its a disappearing nine patch!

a little tease of what I sent my partner today (g)

Recycle and re purpose is hot with the economy being in the toilets right now. Personally? I have always R&R since I was in my 20s and living on my own. I still have my orginal cinder block and boards bookcase! it holds my quilting books and printer! I have some jean legs that I wanted to design into simple side pouch to use while going to craft,quilt and gun (thats right, I typed GUN) shows. not quite finished, and I have some tweeking to do on the pattern, but I am liking it!

I plan on useing narrow braided fabric for the extra long handle. I want it to drape across my chest and side like a bandolier. lots of pockets inside and out.

Speaking of guns.......I know some of yall dont like the talk of guns but this will be the last time I type anything about them on this blog, I will save that talk for my other blog. My hoodies have been quiet after the incident of the knucklehead who shot off a .380 in front of my building Valentines Night. now that the ATF agents are involved, things have gotten alot better. the police sit in the cul-de-sac just about everyday. after that incident, beloved monkey boy strongly encouraged me to get my concealed carry weapons permit. He has had his for a few years now and with the hoodies being buttwipes, he wanted me to have mine. I took the class recently and I passed! BMB takes me to the range and I get to shoot with his guns to get a feel of what is comfortable to me. I find I am happy with the .22 and my 'gun fairy' plans on getting me a gun for my birthday in oct. I am looking at a very pretty compact .380. ok.....enough of gun chat!

Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz

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Mary said...

batty that purse is so cute. Would I be batflapped if I stole your idea? or is it a copyrighted pattern.