Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MAQF pics2

collection of paper piece AKC dogs, there were 5 panels. Amazing work!
my local blogger buddie Lola! Yall should have seen me looking at the back of all the vest at the show looking for her rooster! http://ansewon.blogspot.com/
Keep On Stitchin' On!
(mauh) Liz

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andsewon said...

Haaa ..that is soo funny. When you 'found' me, was telling the 'gals' about you and they were like you call her Redneck Dingbat Liz??? Ha! I was in the process of explaining when you walked up! Ha!!
NEATORAMA!! When this cold weather is past we got to take a weekday ,one you have off, and do some sport'in around!!!
I got to post some of my favs too.