Monday, April 6, 2009

It was a good day to be sewing!


I had a great day today! I went over to my blogger buddy Lola's house. Lola lives 'up the road' from me. up the road is about 40 mins. I had a wonderful time! Her house is the cutest! It a picture of country prim. She is very talented and a gracious hostess. I wanted to learn how to make these adorable kitchen towel dresses that I saw in her blog. She said sure, come on over and we will have a sewing and gab fest. This was something I really needed since it has gotten very stressful at work and I rely on sewing and quilting as my stress relief and basket weaving therapy. Her hubby BBQ ed a pork butt and man was it excellent! It was 'slap your blue tick hound' delicious! She sent me home with a good size bowl and I will be having it for my lunches. I will have to stop by food dawg for buns and cole slaw It was a very relaxing day except for the thunderstorms that rolled thru. When I got home I was watching the news and discovered the storms may have produced a couple twisters!!!!! It touched down 'up the road' north of us. Did some major damage here and north carolina. We have decided that we will get together at least once a month and I will be looking forward to it! Lola is an excellent teacher and the towel dress lesson went fast and easy.

I liked it so much, I went to the dollor store to get a couple more towels to get a jump start for xmas! The one I made today is going to my pirate booty swap partner! I sure hope she likes it.

Keep On Stitich'n On!

(mauh) Liz


andsewon said...

Look forward to our next Sew In!!!

Greenmare said...

hey you are the winner on Mares Nest!!!!

soggybottomflats said...

omg, this is the cutest thing! Do I have to leave Texas and drive straight through to Va to get one? lol, I love it! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Best regards, Elaine